Friday, December 24, 2010

december twenty-three

I didn't get the holiday cards sent.
Oh, they're made, I just never remembered to buy stamps to send them.
House isn't clean, yet. Well - I'm still hopeful for that one.
The lights never made it up outside... but we'll say that wasn't really a fault of anyone's, as we had snow quite a ways before Thanksgiving, and no real opportunity to get up on the roof.

Yesterday as I was at the grocer's (very early), I was so happy to bask in the friendliness and eagerness of the other souls there. Most folks were smiling and happy with plenty of twinkling in their eyes, and surely a jingle in their step.
Maybe that sounds silly, but it's true.

Much of the day was spent being happy in the kitchen. With Lou, Nat, and Elvis....
two bags of powdered sugar and pounds of butter...

peppermint creams,
and peanut butter cups.

Listening to the children in the next room talking and sharing and happy to be doing so.
So content, I was.

Skate! was on our list.

Downtown, of course.

The children were flabbergasted that we didn't have the rink to ourselves upon arriving, though I expected it. I convinced them that all of these people were here to feel merry and to play, and we should just see how it goes.
We were there for four hours.

One of the reasons Trev was so devastated was because we watched the zamboni after our last Skate, and he was so relishing that new ice.

But! A little while after we got there, they shooed everyone off the ice for just a minute to bring the zamboni out!


My children are ice skaters.

Not much time today at the rails... soon enough Madd was running in her skates. On the ice!

So, so lovely it was... I stayed on the sidelines again -on cocoa and snack duty- totally absorbing the Joy around me. Grinnin' like a fool, I was...
So loving the bobbing hats and swaying scarves and laughter and happy shrieks and lights and music.
Just wonderful, I tell you.

it's Christmas Eve morning, now.

Life and the World are looking very Merry and Bright.

I wish Love and more Love to everyone.
Happy Christmas.


  1. Cards not sent, lights not up, but it still sounds Just Right!
    (Especially that baking list -mmm!)

    Merry Christmas to you all, now we're here :D

  2. ah, sounds divine!! there are a few things left undone on my list too...but better to have the extra cuddles and giggles and lazy afternoons watching Christmas movies...;)

    i scrubbed from top-to-bottom for Solstice so it's a quick lick-and-a-promise before this get back to it, i suppose...:)

    much love and happiness to you!!


  3. I just mailed my cards yesterday, so don't feel bad!

    Much love to you as well!!!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Love to you and your family as well.
    I'll be sending out new years cards this year. Just too much to do in so little time.
    Bright Blessings!

  5. Happy, Happy Christmas and lots of love to you and yours.

    Oh...and that sweet treat list sounds divine.


  6. Have a bright, happy and joyous xmas:)


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