Thursday, December 30, 2010

december 29 : the heart of the thing

the kitchen was my room of choice.
was in there all day.

...seems terribly appropriate, now,
as the kitchen is mostly considered the heart of the home, hmm?

i washed walls.
and baseboards.
cleaned under the fridge.
(along with all the more usual stuff, of course.)
I s'pose that hearing about scrubbin' and organizing isn't very exciting or inspiring.
but sometimes it is
s o u l - w o r k
you know?
it's like
clearin' a path for the sublime.

what that means to me in practical terms
is that there is room
for impromptu Everythings--
and forts
and taking up every square inch of the kitchen floor with a project.
or many projects.

I was thinking about this a lot.
about making room for Spirit.

and that in making room for things,
even for a heretic like me,
we can clear a path
for such things as Hope,
and Grace.
but we'll save those thoughts for another time.

[waves hand] don't mind me.
we've got a girl's moontime,

a blizzard blowin' outside,

end of the year contemplations,

and winter-time introspections
these sort of thoughts, then, are bound to fly about.

all that's missin' is a glass of wine and a fire in the hearth.

there was Art Class.
doesn't matter that she was the only one there.
was satisfying, just the same, she said.

Lost Cities



an' all through Teaser and the Firecat (know who?)
The Best Of (leonard cohen)
there were smiles
an' sighs,
an' dinner.

and snow
and snuggles and love.

well - gush and mush is a part of life around here, too,
sometimes, i spose.

all is well.

blessings to you.


  1. I've been cleaning the kitchen too.

    The under the fridge bit has always scared me since we lived in Scotland and I moved our fridge to find a dead bat behind it. Yeuck.

    Nothing so scary today...a marble, a dust bunny and a shoe lace.

    My house nevers stays clean looking for long, as a little one it always one step behind me with their things. Still, it's nice to know that the place they are playing is clean for I totally get what you mean about making way for the Spirit.

    Spirit needs room and ideally, clean space :)

  2. that's a helluva surprise!

    a marble here, too. And fifty letter magnets. :) that was it, besides dirt.

  3. Well, either of you (anyone) is welcome to come and clean my kitchen, anytime they like! I will do the sitting with wine bit ;-)

    Love the art class and tent. Time to dig out the sheets here :-)

  4. I feel inspired to do art projects with my daughter now. :) Can't say I'm too I inspired to check behind the fridge, though. You never know what I might find back there (gulp)!

  5. You know, what you say here is exactly why I think I love to clean and organize. I want us to have the room (the clean, uncluttered) space to accomplish anything at any time.

    How anyone can wax poetically about cleaning, I'll never know.

    You are my very most favorite heretic, indeed. :)

  6. Yesterday was spent tidying up here as well. The kitchen was saved for today as I have some meal cooking to do as well. I hope nothing to exciting under the fridge - huge hair balls(memories of our own St Bernard), marbles, letters and love notes. I too find that clearing a space makes us so much more able to fill that space with creativity, hope, love and pure fun.

  7. Thanks. And blessings to you too. :)

    Good for you for being so on the ball!
    There are bazillions of projects I've wanted to get to but haven't been able to convince myself to *get to it*. Grey days tend to only inspire me to sit around and be lazy. I need a sunshiny day for sure.

  8. I came across your blog looking for winter crafts (found the ice lanterns - and made them today) Here in Northern Canada we need lots and lots of winter craft ideas!
    Your writing is inspirational as well as your parenting style... making room for play while cleaning your kitchen - reminds me to stop kicking the kids out of the room when I am tidying and to set them up with play beside me.

    Thanks for the unwitting reminder to be a better Mom!

  9. Every year during the holidays I promise myself I am going to do some major cleaning; Fred is off for a week and a half and it seems the best time to get the BIG stuff done.

    Yesterday was my day.

    Waking this morning I felt light with possibilites. There is Space to move and create and to just be. Soul-work indeed. xo

  10. We have been doing some major cleaning as well.Today we worked on cleaning the wood pile and the yard up BC the snow is melting too fast and showing everything under.
    I have been working in the kitchen and bedroom BC we are remodeling the house so that means major cleaning.I LOVE your blog.
    HAppy New Year

  11. i love this idea -- to view cleaning as not so much a chore (oh lawd, but i struggle with that!!) as it is a clearing away for fun and joy and the things we love...

    going to have to work on that...;)



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