Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday Perfect

I started my day with making ice lanterns. :)

Which meant I got to wander in the garden...

Can't wait to show you.

Jakub started with magnets.

Madd started with babies and kitchen play.
Jakub thought that was a fine idea...

And she helped with The Making Of A Lantern...

Trev's been reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid at FunBrain.
And cracking up.

There was drawing.

And mittens.

We've been making handprint mittens for a few years. This time we got to make them with Jakub. I hope his Tree loves them!

And FriendLove on the phone for Mama. Twice. Thanks friends. Love you.

Composing music.

Really! She wants me to record it on paper for her. :)

Winter stories. Like Snow.

An' more baby and kitchen play.

"Mom... can I make a book while our food is cooking?" she asks, just as if we haven't had a million projects already today.
:) Love these sorts of days.

The makings of frozen towers.
' Course, first they're exceedingly fun bits and bowls of water that's colored....

Lego fun,

fairy fun,

computer fun,

and snow and icicle fun (ie- swipings).

And let's not forget the Godzilla video we made for youtube. Madd, not Trev, dear Friends.

It's a damn good thing that Daddy is Mr. Chef and can bring us supper home, 'cause goodness knows Mama ain't got it.

you know--
wouldn't trade it.


  1. What a full, fun day! Love the ice play. You are really making me miss Fairbanks and all the icy fun we used to have. We've nothing but rain here. Maybe Santa Fe will accommodate us, you think?

  2. Snow and Ice and mittens and colour. Beautiful day. Are we really in the cold months already! It is getting cold here too. Temps are dropping fast. Keep warm!

  3. Your lovely pics makes me long for the snow. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!

  4. an awesome day....i could *almost* be (slightly) envious of your cold-enough-to-freeze-lanterns temperatures.....

    nope - no shot on tradesies either...


  5. girl, you make winter look good. beautiful lanterns, mittens, garden...thank you!

  6. O.K. after seeing the picture of the containers with colored water in them, we have to do this! Perfect time to put them outside to freeze too.

  7. I love it! Kinda wish we had a big storm here, just for that sort of goodness!


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