Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday's Sparkle

So I've come to the conclusion that I'd better really focus on Patience. For the last four days of the 28 day cycle. ahem.
As soon as I made the decision to stop Practicing Impatience, in comes Maddie.

"I've decided. I want a peanut-butter and jam sandwich for breakfast."
"Okay. Do you want it toasted?"
"Nooooo... I said peanut-butter and jam sandwich."
"I know. I was just asking if you wanted it toasted. Peanut-butter is good on toast."
"I said peanut butter and jam!..."
"I know you did. Sheesh. I was just asking if you wanted it toasted. Never mind." [Laughs in exasperation and to ward off Mama-grumpiness.]
"I said peanut-butter and jam!, and you just said peanut-butter, so I was confused."
"Here is your sandwich, babe."
"I wanted it toasted."

"Is Christmas a long time?"
"No, not really. It's next month."
"But is it a looooong time?"
"I'm not sure what you're asking."
"Uh!" She huffs in irritation. "I'm asking if it is a looooong time."
"Do you mean the day? It's twenty-four hours, same as every other day."
"Is that a long time?"
Sigh. "Is every day a long time?"
"Then, no."
"But is Christmas a long time?"

After recovering for a few minutes, her Mama tries again. More loving, you know?
"I think what you're asking me if it's gonna be a big day, is that right?"
She nods.
"Yes. I think the day will be so fun that it will seem to last for a looong time."
"But is it a long time?"
Blink, says I.
"Like the day after tomorrow?"
"No. It's not the day after tomorrow."



Glitter...and pretty papers...

make a beautiful paper chain.

And snowflakes make for pretty sparklies.

(We started some more today.)

Chocolate Snow Icecream.

We finished up the second chapter of Explore Rocks and Minerals (go here to enter the drawing for a copy), and then read How Mountains Are Made.
Mmm, have a much better understanding of plates, now, thank you.
And did you know that Mount Everest is not the point furthest away from the center of the earth? The Earth actually bulges at the equator, so Chimborazo Peak in Ecuador is the furthest point-- even though it is only 7,113 feet above sea level. (Mount Everest is 29,028 feet high.)
Books are cool.
I had the thought that to go along with this we could pick up our book Fizz, Bubble, and Flash - Element Explorations & Atom Adventures for Hands-On Scientific Fun and further our investigations and explorations.
You know - since we are already here.
Seems to be going most excellently. Connections, and all that.

The States puzzle again.
And then the other one.

Toy research. Imagine that.

"This is a pyramid." says She.
"Yes, I can see."
"It's two thousand and one countries. Very old."
"Mmm... that is old!"

Godzilla scenes.



We read Snow Play, and thoroughly enjoyed the pretty sparkliness of it.
So naturally we got out two puzzles, Maddie and me, and we set to work with our markers and glitter glue.

Checked on the crystals.
began last night

began this morning

I love how quickly they form! Amazing.
Directions and the Science Behind It here.

(Different ones.)

Godzilla research.

Peep (And The Big Wide World).

More piano play.
She's learned how to set up the "follow me" feature on the keyboard, so we're all about learning to play songs right now.
"Cool." says the Mama.

A netflix movie downstairs for one,
research on the 'puter for another,
and catch up for Mama.
Daddy is To Be Expected Shortly.

I love this sparkly life.
Have I said that?

It's 6:37 and All Is Well.
See you tomorrow. Prob'ly.


  1. I love the snowman picture-puzzle! Sounds like a busy day.
    (Doesn't sound like you are lacking in patience to me.)

  2. I am in love.
    Not only with you and your human family, either.
    I am in love with Annabelle.
    Oh, how I miss our Saint. Give yours a big snuggle and belly rub from me!

  3. LOL - wow, those could be any of the conversations we've been having around here the last couple of days. Exasperating, circular things where no matter what i say, it's apparently the *wrong* thing....*sigh* it's all good....

    those godzillas should come over and tackle the knights-and-dragons that are rampaging all over our house....

    sparkling days indeed...


  4. I also miss our saint. We had to say goodbye to her this past March (she developed osteo sarcoma).

    Anyway, it sounds like some conversations I have been having with my 5 yr old.

    We have become busylately. I need to slow us down so we can reconnect and enjoy our magical life.

  5. I was telling my husband yesterday that I need to work on the little patience I do have.

    Your conversations sound similar to ours around here lately.
    It's 10pm and my hubby is just now getting off work.

    Looks like you all had a very sparkly day indeed. Love love and more love :)

  6. Oh fun dear! I just stopped by for a dose of ordinary magic....as always I come away with inspiration! Keep delighting!....and hang in there:)

  7. Patience, eh? Be careful what you wish for.LOL! I was once told to never pray for patience because you will get it and then it will be promptly tested, big time!LOL! Sounds like the rest of your day went well at least!

  8. Love your sparkly life too!!!

  9. Good stuff here - as always....

    We did the bubble, fuzzle, flash and fizz book and liked it bunches.

    Your crystal snowflakes are stunning and I'm off to see if we have the materials for that bit o' magic :0)

  10. ditto ditto ditto - coughing, snotty, probably smelly and definitely lacking in patience, i came by for some inspiration and sparkle, and there you were with the toast and the glitter and crystals and...yeah. sigh.

  11. Yeah the hubby said we have some borax left! Ahh patience...that is the theme in our house this week. Not always easy with a very active and stubborn 4 year old, but when my husband and I realized our 8 year old handled his outbursts better than we did we knew we needed to step back and breath! Thanks for letting us know you and your lovely babes are human. xoxo

  12. We're excited to make snowflakes! Oh how I do love visiting OLM!

    As far as patience goes, I'm lacking it lately. Must. Do. Better. :)

  13. Laughing out load at the conversations. They are just like that here. URG! Patience is not my forte, but I'm working on it. Breathing, OMing, Smiling, Loving...doing my best.

    LOve the snowflakes. And the art puzzle. And the glitter and paper. Such bliss. xo

  14. Oh phew, those conversations make me feel normal...of course I knew we weren't the only ones having them, but to see that you do as well as all the gorgeous, lovely, wonderful things you get up to makes me feel a whole lot better! Thanks

  15. Your dog has the most beautiful thick head with lovely eyes. I have a doggie crush on her, but don't tell my pups!
    Oh, and I liked everything else you said and did. But I really dig that dog!

  16. Love Annabelle.

    Love the crystals.

    Love the conversations...

    After I read your posts I want to Do! Make! Be! My kids benefit so much from your writings :)


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