Tuesday, November 23, 2010


puppy play

baby play

spin art play

Godzilla research

Peep videos

and again

kitchen play


more kitchen play

computer play


building New York City
(or at least some of the buildings)

magnet town/farm/sea creative play

godzilla stomping play

more math stories
(the mama got to be impressed with the ease of his processings.)

started Explore Rocks and Minerals

kid love
(gentle love, tickling, and rasslin' play with eachother)

weather watch
won't be leavin' for a couple o' days

we're home
and safe
and happy
and tucked in.

life is good.


  1. mmmm...lovely day.

    snow?!? eeek!

    (LOL - i looked at the temps and thought 'huh?', then remembered y'all work in F)

  2. Oh lucky you with the snow!!! I am trying to will the sky to deliver some flakes my way - decorated the house early with our holiday trimmings.

    Enjoy your cozy home!

  3. Looks good, enjoy the snow! I know that you will keep yourselves busy and entertained. :)

  4. And here our high was 80 degrees yesterday. Guess I should stop complaining about how warm it is.. (:

  5. We're tucked in here too. It's a good time to get some projects done. The whole state of Idaho was shut down yesterday and looks to be again today. :)

  6. "we're home
    and safe
    and happy
    and tucked in.
    life is good."

    That is how I was feeling last night too as the storm was setting in. Enjoy your hibernation for a few days. :)

  7. I love being snowed in ... especially over the holidays. Ahhhh. Enjoy! :)

  8. I'm pretty sure we'll be snowed in too - they just called off school...

  9. We're expecting your weather by week's end - I hope to be as tucked in and content as you are!

    Merry Thanksgiving :)


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