Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Life is so busy that I've taken to journaling at 3:59 am?
Sounds about right.

I think the thought that woke me at three-thirty-something was that I didn't vote today. Yesterday. I meant to. When Eric got home. Totally forgot. Somehow, between worrying about my dad and dinner and exhausted children and baths and jammies and teeth and more dinner and "I'm ready to lay down"'s.... well. There it went.

I keep hoping to get it right. So far, up to the third day of Jakub's visit it hasn't happened.
Though maybe it was an accomplishment that we managed to leave the house, today.

I'm still hopeful!
:) Always hopeful.

Today we at least had flashes of normal.

Grammy brought over a toy catalog, and Maddie got busy on her Christmas list. Instead of circling things, she's been actually drawing them on a list, and copying letters.

She has gotten out some of her cards, and has been spelling words and sounding them out.

Trev's been on ZooTycoon2.

And they helped me design them a new homepage (start page) through yola, since we took down our other one (they had a page at olm (too.) that doesn't exist any longer. )
Trev doesn't need it much since he's quite capable of doing his own searches and organizing his favorites as he likes, but links are liberating for Maddie.

Out into the world, then.
With scooters and skates and extra pants and water and snacks and a rake for piling leaves.

Here's to settling into!


  1. I love you!!
    May the good Lord bless and keep you for extending your heart for the extra boy. You are always in our prayers. We thank the Lord for you and plead for strength in your behalf.

  2. Good luck in finding a routine that works for you while you have Jakub. :) It looks like today was a joy, even if it was a tad different.

  3. Fun! I love the spray painted quote on the playground!

  4. Hope all is well with your Dad.

    We've been much unsettled too these days, or maybe it's just me - - -

    Better luck next time, with the voting thing - I forgot in the primaries and I was so upset with myself.

    and a (((hug))) for good measure!

  5. Hello

    I think there must be some thing in the air at the moment...I've spoken to a few home ed mums this week and we are ALL feeling unsettled, out-of-routine (but for many different reasons.)

    I'm sure you will rise to the challenge, and then some!

    Love the last leaf sweeping photo!


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