Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Tuesday Magic

What to do when the high temp forecast is 38?
Now if it was 88 degrees today, I would have been inspired to have a 4th of July party. With a fried chicken picnic and water balloons and fireworks and watermelon. Oh - and let's not forget a summer's ale.
But since it's 38...

I had the idea of a Santa's Workshop day.
Silly, I know, but my children think I am The Greatest Ever, so there you have it! :)

So that meant a walk to the store for a little magic....

But first snow.

And a Holiday Tree, of course.

And the thrill of presents.
Santa's Workshop is full of presents, you know.

These were just little presents we found at our neighborhood grocery - for Jakub a really cool car, a little wind-up motorcycle, a jar of bubbles, and a package of marbles - he's been loving our marble run; for Maddie a pretty dress-up bracelet, a new sketch pad, and a bucket of sidewalk chalk; for Trev a box of Sour Patch candycanes, a container of gumballs, and a (Toy Story style) army men set - we won't talk about the serious moral dilemma I had over that one (he wanted it), and we'll just say all of the presents are pretty cool, and cost less than $25 for all of them.

A little Workshop building (and natural lessons in stability).

And Christmas music.

More snow.

For like two hours, I think. :)
So, so fun to see them play and create with this.


Lou Rawls in the background...

Army men.

Army men and helicopters in snow.

Gourmet hot cocoa.
With whipped cream.
And, um - candy canes.

'Sooooo guilty', the Mama acknowledges as she clicks through the kitchen because she has candy cane bits stuck to her socks.

Cleaning up.

A long winter's nap.
Complete with a Clement C. Moore tale,
holiday music for background noise,
and flannel gingerbread man and candycane nightie for one of them.

Aaah, the joy of a moment's breath...

Peppermint bark


Gasp! Girl Scouts!!
So excited is she.
Daddy took her.


Serious Godzilla headway today on the wiiiihiihiiii.

Since we only did about half of the things on our Santa's Workshop list, it looks like play is To Be Continued tomorrow.

So we'll just sign off here and maybe head downstairs to that giant tv for a little Frosty or Rudolph or Christmas Vacation.....

See you tomorrow.


  1. So fun! Congrats on a wonderful day! :)

  2. You ARE ready for the season!

  3. I think you have smart kids. You ARE the Greatest Thing Ever!!! What a fun, fun day.

  4. Phyllis - not really. We would have done the same thing if it were July. It was just for fun. :)

  5. HRMJ - Only next to you, my love.

  6. I am SO stealing this idea for the first snow day! FUN!

  7. Wow, what an awesome mama you are. I love reading your about your magical days.

  8. I have a sudden urge for hot chocolate with whipped cream and a candy cane. Strange.

  9. Love it, love it, love it! LOVE IT! Magic and surprise make memories that outlast everything.

  10. I'm feeling the magic of the season after reading this post!

  11. How fun! to get into the spirit of Christmas so early...

  12. Looks like a really fun day!

    We have the army men too, and it does go against my inner voice to let my boy have them BUT I do believe in letting them make their choices and supporting them, even if it is in things I'm not keen on.

    My boy has got an interest in World War two now - especially the planes from that period. He has asked for a set of airfix models for Christmas, which he will get. We've also been talking to my Gran who was an evacuee in the war and has some amazing tales, and I have sheltered him from some of the horrors but told him the truth where I can. (I don't think he is quite ready for Saving Private Ryan at the tender age of seven!)

  13. Hay we have the same snow... and I was just thinking - hmmm it is warm enough to play with this now .... now that they can play with it outdoors!!! Keep up the fun, you are doing such a great job!!!

  14. I looked you up in the dictionary and it says: Greatest Ever.

    Your kids are right! :)

  15. What an awesome day. Since we haven't had a flake of snow yet, I'm thinking I might need to do something like this. You are such an awesome mum. -Debbie


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