Thursday, November 11, 2010


Since it's Jakub's last day with us, I asked the children last night if they'd like to go to Classic. It's one of favorite wahoo! spots.
Of course they said yes!

Turns out, that was a good call, because all three of them woke up with more than a little, um, exuberance. (It's been very unfriendly weather, lately, so we've been inside.)


Hours and hours of it, of course.

Fetch. (Ruff Ruffman) With Sea Turtles.
Very cool.

Which led to Let's Read and Find Out Science Look Out For Turtles,
and DK's Watch Me Grow: Duckling.

Apples to Apples Jr.


Dress up and Baby play - backpacks and baby carriers (soft snuggies), and slings.


Babies and babies and babies--from one end of this house to the other, babies and accessories are strung.

It's 7:04 and for some reason I am completely exhausted and ready for bed,
so that's that.

another big day tomorrow....


  1. The pictures with the pillowcases on the heads made me laugh:)

    We were meaning to go to Classic this week too as we had our bounce back passes, but they ended yesterday and we didn't get a chance:(

  2. Looks like a very fun and active day!

  3. Skating. Perfect for yucky weather and lots of energy! :)

  4. What a fun looking place! :)

  5. I love that episode of Fetch! The baby turtles are ridiculously cute.

    Sweet Jakub--he is so adorable!

  6. Fetch is our favorite. It's hardly ever on here though, which stinks. At least we can watch episodes online, but still.

    I have gleaned so many GREAT ideas from you lately. Tucking the workshop one away for our first snow day ;)

    Have you the book "Super Science Concoctions" in your library? We were using it yesterday and I totally thought of you.



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