Thursday, November 04, 2010


It seems that after the first three days of... floundering.... we've found our groove. I've come to even better appreciate my children's (and my own!!) non-attachment to a finite schedule, as our days have mostly revolved around the baby's needs. Not in a vigorous or self-sacrificing sort of way, more like... things just turn themselves out right. (Admittedly, much as they always have! :) )

Trev liked yesterday's line-up for "our time" so well (this is started when the baby naps) that he chose the same one today. I voted for mixing it up a little, so we added to the list.

Totally Tut. With Dad. (And me.)

The Amazing Mammoth Hunt. With Dad. (And me. I got to win today.)

With Operation in the interim, again. :)
With Dad.

After our round of games we read the next chapter in FOOD - today's chapters were Food Safety and Traditions & Celebrations. (I forgot to mention yesterday's chapter of Food Packaging, too. It was interesting and informative, talking about how packaging was started and has evolved.) Today's chapters weren't too exciting - at least not for me, as I didn't learn anything new, other than a few ways that other countries use food in their celebrations - interesting, but not a whole lot of info on that. Still, there are lots of fun projects that we're looking forward to, and the book's been great, so far.
(And go here to put your name in for the drawing of the book if you're interested, and haven't yet.)

On Trev's list today was also Fraction Whirl, so we played five rounds of that (it took us five rounds for someone to win 3-out-of-5 games).

Moving right along, we broke out our new cubed SET game - it wasn't as complicated or confusing as I had at first feared. Another success, that!

Jakub decided early on today that Fishing was to be put on our list, so of course we did, and eventually we were ready to go.

After Zoo Tycoon.
And Freeze Tag.

To to the neighborhood park!

...For fishing

and air current projects

and rocket blasting

and soccer....

and, well,
you know

some of that, too.

Autumn has arrived to our valley,
And peace and happy contentment have settled in, too.

All is well in our world.


  1. If these pictures are any indication of how Jakub is doing, he is doing fantastic. We are so glad to be seeing pictures of him. The kids have been anxious to see who it was they have been praying for, and happy to see that he looks great!!
    Keep up the good work. And thank you so much for being willing.
    Love you!!!

  2. So nice when things fall into place. Congratulations!! :)

  3. Well, you are amazing to be feeling in a groove and somewhat normal after only a few days of another whole human in your life. :) Nice to hear things are smoothing out.

  4. groovy (grin)

    I hope Jakub can remember these days all of his life.

    Be well :)

  5. We love the rockets too - and rocket balloons...


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