Sunday, November 28, 2010

sunday : snow

girls reading.

girls sledding.

and the unlocking of the mothership
"Is this The Mothership?"
"Nah... this is Sidney, Australia."


"Don't you recognize this little piece of Sydney Opera House right by my feet?"

silly me.

snow painting.

this is one of my favorite things (I first had the idea a couple of years ago)...
painting with watercolors,
planting icicles (sculptures),
icebergs and rivers,
creating a frozen arctic-
seals, penguins, orcas, snow shoe hares...

snowplay while being warm inside? awesome.

here's something-

almost an inch in 19 days.

make ready.

three sled.
(daddy and baby and baby.)

uum... make that four.

tired of sledding pictures already?
what to do?
we have snow and this fabulous hill just two houses over....

at 4 : something--

still snowin'.

snowy ice lantern

waiting for the gear to finish tumbling in the dryer...

time to go!

so good....

so good.


  1. Looks fantastic. Wish SW Ontario would get some snow. I'm aching for it. Love your photos. What a blissfull day. xo

  2. okay, i'm officially wishing we had some snow (that

    tobogganing is the ONLY winter activity that this un-wintery mama enjoys...and boy, do i LOVE it!!

    great idea with the indoor snow!!

    ah..and getting the Chrimbly tree WHILE it's snowing? couldn't have ordered a more perfect atmosphere...


  3. OH my!! I can feel the cold with your pics :)!! I am definitely longing for some snow...NO such luck in FL. BTW, we did do the ice lantern!! Loved making it. I'll try to post from start to finish sometime this week ;).
    Thanks again!!

  4. You guys sure are having fun with your snow. Hope we get some this year. Many years we don't get any at all. Sure makes it seem more Christmasey.


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