Saturday, November 13, 2010


"oh, hi, mom. i'm just taking some of my pets for a walk," she says with a stuffed-full baby backpack.


"i want to learn to read."
uh - "okay."
i took that to mean "i want to actively learn to read, mama. so hurry up the process."
we (i) have a few favorites, so we got some things out that will be close at hand from now on.

and we read, of course.

with another "new profile".
he likes the challenge, evidently.

menu planning (a family affair. that way i don't -hopefully- have to cook three different suppers.)


- a project from The Usbourne Complete Book of Art Ideas.
(a fantastic book. check your library. but not mine, because i'm not done renewing it.)

Little Son discovers (in the deepest depths of a toy box) "there are actually some pretty interesting things in there."

cool words. like "neuroticity" and "authenticated" and "articulated".

godzilla scene enactment.

so he can figure out how big he wants his Mothra to be.

outside play with Dad (before he goes off to work for the night)

mooooood rings.Mama an' Baby.
(mine's been green and orange and golden brown, today. that must mean "happy" and "satisfied". :) )

computer play.

that would be a transplant of rosemary from the garden to the kitchen.

let's use up a bit of that rosemary, shall we?
wild salmon, roasted rosemary red potatoes, and salad.
good enough.

computer play.

Grammy love.

via hot chocolate with marshmallows.

reading love

more computer love

i dunno what else comes this way.

no matter -
life's good.
and delicious.
and ooey gooey chocolatey.

we'll see you tomorrow.


  1. Sounds VERY good to me. xo

  2. we loved those beginner books. Can't wait to check out that book!
    have a happy Sunday

  3. I love seeing how different kids approach reading. My daughter just turned 4 and a half a few weeks ago and started actively reading books on her own at about a year ago. She was two and could read hundreds and hundreds of words, but it took awhile before she burst out reading her first sentence. Now she finishes off Magic Treehouse books in an hours. My mom said that's how I was, too. My son on the other hand loved letters and wanted to know all their sounds at two and then that was IT! He did say to his sister once that he wanted me to teach him to read, but when I brought out some Bob books, he started acting really silly and I knew he wasn't at all ready for this.

    My daughter is a big questioner and I think learned by asking me "what's this say" over and over again. My son, OTOH, is an observer. He wouldn't touch the computer for the longest time, but then he shocked me by asking to play a game and knew exactly what to do right away, even very complicated things. I think somewhere around 8 or 9 he'll just shock by by picking up a book and reading it. We'll see.


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