Monday, November 08, 2010


We got out the playdough today.
Playdough is good.

Trevy and I read the next chapter of FOOD.
This one was Food Across Time. We learned the very interesting fact that for the cowboys in cattle drives, the cook was second in command - only the boss was higher. :)
(Go here to enter for the book's drawing, if you'd like.)

An' we read all about Perseus.

And then Trevy started asking where our library book Lost Landscapes: Utah's Ghosts, Mysterious Creatures, and Aliens was. I whipped it out, and he wanted Utah's Bigfoot Sightings, so we read that.

Then he started reading the Bear Lake Monster chapter. (Not a kid's book.)






Balance scale.

Spinning tops.



Monster truck rallies and races.

Runnin' and screamin' and chasin' and screechin'.
(That be The Witching Hour.)


and Seinfeld one-liner banter

and wrestlin' (all four of them)

and Lordy they're noisy and I dunno what else.

Is it bedtime? They've all brushed their teeth....


  1. I love Othello - we used to have that exact version, but somewhere along the way, it's gone. I shall have to visit ebay.

    Sounds like a fun-filled day :-)

  2. Gotta love Bigfoot lore! :-) I still watch Harry and the Hendersons every one in a while.

  3. I love the sketches. Talent + effort!

  4. When did your kids first start watching Othello? We actually watched an animated Shakespeare A Midsummer Night's Dream after reading the Shakespeare Magic Treehouse book. I wasn't sure they'd like it at 4, but I was pleasently surprised. I would love when they get a little older if they'd like the BBC version of the plays. Then I'd have someone to watch them with me 'cause that's not really my husband's thing!

  5. Chris - I was actually talking about the game Othello, but we read and watch Shakespeare.
    There aren't a lot that Trev will watch - he says no to the tragedies. :) That boy has to have a happy ending.
    We read from our book, and watch the BBC animated tales.


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