Monday, November 29, 2010

monday, monday


After that was some reading of Explore Rocks and Minerals.
(Be sure to enter the drawing if you're interested!)
The first part of the book (plate tectonics and seismography) left us confused and perplexed, but we enjoyed the beginning of the next chapter, Minerals and Crystals much better - now that's something we can understand, and find very interesting.

It was decided that we'd watch Magic School Bus Rocks and Rolls to see if we could get a better understanding of tectonics (though we certainly are familiar with the idea of continents shifting - ie Pangaea).
But first things first-- had to look at salt, sugar, and borax crystals under the microscope.

After making salt models

we added watching MSB's Meets Molly Cule to the list, too.
Rocks and Rolls was just about water erosion, so we wanted to watch Blows Its Top, too.

' Course... while we were watching the end of Kicks Up a Storm (to get to Blows Its Top), Trev was reminded of the water cycle one, Wet All Over, which we'll have to see if we still have.

While we were downstairs watching videos, Mama went through a shelf of books looking for Earth storybooks-- found (unrelated to geology) Macmillan Children's Guide to Endagered Animals, and then Teaching the Fun of Science, Blows Its Top : A Book About Volcanoes, Geology Crafts for Kids, and How Mountains Are Made.
Hmm, a nice stack for the current subject. If we find the time, of course.

During the Meets Molly Cule episode, we had a hankering for seeing crystal molecules stacking themselves up on their own. You know... provided nothing was in their way.
Well-- we know how to do that.


Because we can.

And borax crystals.

Because we can.
And because Trev wants to know.

And Frosty the Snowman,
and Peep,
and dinner,

and then downstairs for a little Christmas Vacation.

We're tired.
And life's good.


  1. Sounds like another fantastic day! :)

  2. Ohhh looks soo chilly. Winter baby.
    Happy december. As you cool we are warming

  3. If only we had snow. :(

    ps - I linked to your 24 Days post...meant to do it yesterday when I posted mine but totally forgot until I saw your comment. Oops! xo

  4. I forget to link a lot. I'm always going back to edit. :)

  5. We love the Magic School Bus so much...and SNOW!...


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