Tuesday, November 23, 2010

monday : free-flowing life

oh, goodness.
certainly the day started with my thinking of the thousands of things i and we needed to get done today.
i promised chocolate chip cookies!
i had a need for tidying up. (i'm loving a spotless house at the moment.)
little jakub was returning to us.
we had a possible date with a friend.
there was a game that we've been wanting to play.
time to look at Scholastic's The First Thanksgiving! (trev has loved this in the past - madd gets introduced, this year.)

oh! so much to do!

but.... as you know, this is a free-flowing life.
and living a free life means instead of stomping and arguing with the fates (or the people they play with) we're free to say "there is always tomorrow, i guess!" regarding things we'd like to do.
and this, friends, is why i never worry that we'll be out of ideas or lacking for things to do tomorrow, because i know perfectly well that every day brings with it its own ideas and inspiration.

so on to it.
now you expect some big happening, don't you? well, don't. i can't even really tell you what we did, i don't think...

maddie drew pictures.
we talked a lot. about relationships and people.

i tidied up while the babes played downstairs.
i got to give and receive some FriendLove over the telephone.
we played with The Cousins for a while.

we had love with Jakub.

we headed Out

(with plenty of extra mittens and cocoa)...

and we were the last ones there. on a monday evening.

know why?
because a free-flowing life is what we choose.

and for us it's sweet, friends.
very, very sweet.


  1. We made some of those stompers out of tin cans when Scout was a much younger Cub Scout - he had a lot of fun stomping around the house in them - then later we made some real stilts - also a Cub Scout project...fun!

  2. Snow, beautiful snow! Send some our way. :)

  3. I just can't believe all the snow!

  4. So unfair you have that much snow and we...in SW Ontario Canada...have NONE. Jealous.

    I've been looking at those stompers for a while. We might have to make some (if I don't win your contest.)

    I love free-living. Just can't imagine why anyone would want anything less. xoxo


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