Saturday, November 13, 2010

a moment

quiet house

quiet morning

how i do love softly on a sigh.


  1. So peaceful :) I love the morning sun of November.

  2. Your house is LOVELY! :) And I, too, love the peace of November's morning sun.

  3. How I love when my home is quiet and everything is in order. I think I actually get to see that a handful of times each year! Seriously, it's been difficult to give up my orderly house. I wish I could talk with you sometime because you do so many fun things with your kids that I wonder how you keep your house from going into chaos. And I'd also like to know how you balance things like playing and doing things with the kids and doing things for yourself like building your blog. My kids want me to do things with them from morning to night, and I feel guilty if I tell them that I'd like to take some time to catch up with one of my projects.

  4. Some quiet time is always a blessing...


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