Wednesday, November 17, 2010

love : part I

I didn't have a lot of opportunities to grow bigger this day,
it was more about capturing than it was expanding.
So be it!
I'll just keep trying until I'm satisfied. :)

We had a date in the late morning for our local Kid Paradise again (bounceback passes),
so off we went.

I love that we're free to play when we want to...

I love that a fear was quashed today!
This slide has been a bane for us--but no more.
Today I bought tickets for all of us, and I sat at the top helping him until he was quite finished with his fear.
(It's big, but it's also straight down at the very top.)

To home, please - the mother had a serious need to be in actual daylight instead of fluorescent lights for an hour before the sun went down.

Here's some more love -

I love home.
Even this sixty year old house with its mint green and pink bathroom

The Girls bathroom, as my children say.

even my kitchen cupboards that are the lightest grandma pink in the deepest top corners

in all of its frumpiness and quirkiness,

Maddie's room.

I am still so, so thankful for these walls that love us so well-ly.

Trev's room.

I love that my children are both perfectly comfortable now being downstairs by themselves!!

In the rumpus room, downstairs.

I love that we have enough space.

In the den.

I love that it's strong, and safe, and a place for and of love.

Now. Let's see what Love is in store for today...


  1. i'm loving your days of Love!

  2. Ahhh! Home...I love the pink/green bathroom...

  3. HA! Love the bathroom.
    I wish we had so much more space, but we're making what we have work.

  4. We love our old home, too! Your house looks lovely, like life is really lived there. Blessings, mama.

  5. Oh my goodness, I just discovered your blog and I am loving it!! I am trying to tear myself away to go play with my daughter...Looking forward to getting to know OLM :)!!

  6. a rumpus room! JOY!!

    i LOVE it....

    those play-places sure can be an assault on the senses after a the scooter shots! very cool

  7. i LOVE that bathroom.

    great post, lady!

  8. That is a big slide! I can see why it might take some thought. :)

  9. I *still* love your beautiful home -- even more now that I've seen it more clearly!

  10. A real home. So inviting and loved and naturally lived in. My kind of place.


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