Thursday, November 18, 2010

thursday's living and loving

Last night Madd brought me her Easy Bake Oven. With a plan, of course.
This morning (I had forgotten about it) when I was cleaning her room, I found it on her table... ready to go.
I brought it into the kitchen, and when she came paddling in this morning, I told her that I brought it in.
"Ooohhh, I forgot about that!"
"What are you wanting to make?" I asked her.
She was nodding her head, "Oh, everything!" she said.
Then, "I'm going to have a tea party with them!"
"Ooooh, that's a good idea," I replied.
"I thought you'd like that!" said she. :)

Rounded 'em up, we did.
She washed.

Angel Cookies were first.

Stilts. More on that tomorrow, I think.

Pretty Pink Cake.

Chocolate Chip Cookies. (At first she wanted Apple Pie, but, sheesh, it would had to have been from scratch... For a three inch pie? At this point? On't think so.)

Pickin' raspberries. Prob'ly the last ones of the year, hmm?

Tea Party.
Of course.

I've been loving his Godzilla play.
He has all these random things he uses for lasers and lightening bolts and breathed fire... :) makes me smile.

We got out and attended to our Thanksgiving Tree.
This is a branch that we've been using for... four?... years to post leaves upon for what we're so, so thankful.
You'll no doubt be seeing more of it...
Trev's are the orange maples,
Maddie's are the red hearts,
Eric's are the yellow oaks,
and mine are the brown rounds.

Love this -

by my nine-year-old son... who is taking his sweet time mastering writing.
[big grin] Classic unschooling moment.
He thinks, he reads, he's expressive, he's imaginative, inquisitive, and he has a beautiful vocabulary. I figure if I'm not worried, no one else has the right to be.


"Hey! You!" She points at me. "The one in the white. How 'bout some Cocoa?"
O' course. :)

Godzilla on the wiiiheeheeee.

Holiday talk.
Presents, actually.
A list for Santa.

I put the scrabble tiles together for her, she copies the letters.

Play. Together play, that is.

More talk 'bout the holiday presents.
Lots of good ideas for Makin'. :) That's good!!

Reading more 'bout Animal Communication.

Computer play.

An' finally snugglin' in.

That will do.


  1. "Hey! You! The one in white." made me chuckle. :)

    Trev's leaf made me smile. :) (It makes our job so nice when they are thankful for what we are doing for them, doesn't it?!)

    And I LOVED the scrabble tiles for spelling help. BRILLIANT! :)

  2. No way would I have done the apple pie either! Looks like quite the tea party. Are the easy bake products any better than they used to be when I was little? Because they used to be kind of gross!
    Love the thanksgiving tree :-)

  3. We made the stuff from scratch, from recipes.
    Wasn't gross, especially, but it's a little weird since it's baked goods sans eggs.
    Not icky, though. :)

  4. You know, you can substitute applesauce for eggs in just about any baked good recipe. Works just fine. Is that what you did?

    I *always* wanted an Easy Bake oven but my Mom wouldn't let me have one - so when I had little girls (I was oh, about 40) I bought one and we have had tons of fun with it. Still do ;)

  5. Love the "unschooling" leaf! A few days ago Benjamin chose to write, "No Sister" on one of his leaves--as in, he is thankful to have "No Sister."

    Funny, right? :)

  6. I LOVE your thanksgiving tree! Beautiful pics :).


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