Saturday, November 20, 2010

home and hearth : morning

it's just after five in the morning.
i have at least two and a half hours before the first of my family comes pattering in.
one before the sky begins to lighten.

the wind is blowing outside...
' storm's comin'.

coffee (with cocoa, of course--i'm an indulgent creature) sits at my elbow.

there aren't a lot of things that please me more than this moment.

it's not rare, exactly...
but it's Home, in the fullest sense of the word.

after picking it up at the mechanic's for a much-needed repair, the truck took us around erranding yesterday. satisfying, that.

there is hot water steaming and pouring into the washing machine.

madeleine's list for santa is sitting here, on the table.

my largest pot boils for tea.

the larder is over-flowing

there is a bottle of my favorite wine in the fridge, waiting for evening's candlelight... home breathes and sighs in satisfaction and love.

i welcome this day.


  1. home... there is nothing like it

  2. mmmmmm...yes.

    i shall think of you tomorrow as i sit in my own early silence, with my own mug steaming while the beloved slumber on.


  3. It is one thing to have a wonderful moment, and quite another to actually sit back and see it clearly and lovingly. Beautiful.

  4. Peace and satisfying moments that linger within and give you energy for the week to come.


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