Sunday, November 28, 2010

The 24 Days of Christmas

We're sort of a Celebrate! kind of family. :) (You knew that, right?)

I believe that life should be lived grandly- with lots of flavors and colors and big, sweeping whirlwinds.
So we celebrate often. Celebrate the freedom we have to acknowledge and appreciate this joyful life.

December is no exception; we celebrate the 24 days before Christmas as well as Solstice and Christmas. We love all of it!

I bought an advent calendar a few years ago that I fell madly in love with. I knew it would be something that I'd still be filling thirty years later for the grandchildren.
Because--you know. I always want my house to be a place of Magic.

Usually the little cupboards hold tiny toys and things for my children. Little surprises that I've picked up at the store that made me smile.
Chocolates, too, of course. They adore chocolates.

This year as my focus is less on worrying about gifts and more on living with Joy, I want our "24 Days" to reflect that.
There will be miniature presents, too, of course in the windows, but I'll be including other things as well.
I thought I'd share my ideas with you--and you can share yours with me!
(Not all of them are holiday related particularly, but special things my babes have been wanting to do.)

~ . . . ~

Going sledding. At night. With soup, fire wood, and cocoa would be nice. (We did this last New Year's Eve with friends, and I completely loved it.)

A day at Classic - our Kid Paradise skating/bouncy/climbing place. (And if they give us free bounceback passes, we'll go a second time.)

Holiday sugar cookies. Trees, stars, wreaths, Santas, candycanes...

Gingerbread house (that would be from a kit).

A trip downtown to see the Christmas lights.

Build a snowman. (Hopefully the snow situation stays friendly.)

Have a Family Movie Night downstairs. Complete with popcorn and every pillow in the house and whatever else we want. A holiday film, of course.

A visit with Santa.

Make magic reindeer food.

Make cookies for birds (around Solstice).

Make and deliver treats for wooded friends (on Solstice) - nuts, berries, oats, seeds, apples, raisins...

Make holiday crackers for visiting friends and family.

Make holiday treats (fudge, toffee, mints, chocolate chip cookies, white chocolate covered pretzels...)

Make gingerbread men for the tree.

Ice Lanterns for Solstice.

A date for bowling.

Go to the movies (the dollar movie).

Go iceskating outdoors at the Gallivan Center. (Complete with Holiday lights and music.)

Days for choosing (home). These would be days for choosing anything at home - one day for each of them. Favorite breakfasts (which would mean cinnamon rolls for Madd and french toast and sausage for Trev, I imagine), things we'll play, things we'll create, things we'll do... whatever they'd like.

Other ideas I have for Winter Play are things we've done in the past or more regular sorts of things: snow cones, build a snow fort, go skiing, snow painting (with water colors), go to the theater for Babes In Toyland if we can swing it, fancy teas... whatever winter magic we can think of.

What's in store for you?


  1. I love this...and we do it too. Last year was our first year (and Isaac was only three then) and I had made envelopes and slipped a note in each that indicated what we would do that day; many were similar to yours. I'm working on my post for this years "24 Days of Christmas" as we speak. Perhaps it'll be up today...or tomorrow. Things we like to do: purchase presents for children in need, play in the snow (sledding and snowman building and smowball throwing included) a trip to the park to feed the squirrels, watching some holiday movies, Christmas crafting, taking a big platter of homemade cookies to daddy's work as a surprise, making ornaments for the tree, a trip to Starbucks for hot chocolate and then to the park to see the Christmas lights. many more, of course - I can hardly wait to get started.

    Thanks for sharing your holiday magic with us. You really do it up beautifully. Your kids are so lucky. xoxo

  2. ah, fabulous!!

    we do this too -- our Countdown to still have to sort out the list and now i've seen yours, i'll thieve a few of your ideas...

    what a gorgeous special!

  3. What a great list!

    We begin our OLM inspired Santa/Solstice workshops next Monday (12/6) - I.can't.wait.!

    Thank you for being such a good influence ;)

  4. Wonderful!

    My boys love *rituals* and holidays that have comfortable things mixed in with surprises. We are trying to get into the spirit this year with lights and tree and all that, but we have not had even a fleck of snow and are still in fleeces, so it seems like October, not ... almost December. HOPING we get snow and have a real Wisconsin December. Get us jumpstarted and in the mood!


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