Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Maddie had already decided that for Zoo Day we would pack our "Goin' to the Zoo" music into the truck. And that we'd read about some of the animals that we have at our zoo.

But before that.... she was drawing birds.

Duck ~ Owl ~ Bluebird

"Who has the greatest baby in the whole wide world?!?" asked Madeleine. It's a game we often play. (The usual answer is "Me", of course.)
"Mmmmm, Trevy." Pause. "Or it could be... me!"
"Noooo... it's me! You're my baby." Then, "You're a heart, Mom. Heart to my love."
: ) Good to know.

Zip rides.
Bouncing and swaying zip rides.
With a Halloween song accompaniment.

Donkey Kong Country. wiiheeheeeeeee.

Goin' to the zoo, zoo, zoo...
How 'bout you, you you....

Our zoo currently has an exhibit called Nature's Nightmares. In a tropical rainforest climate they have some interesting creatures.... bats and King Vultures, dung beetles, a huuuuuuge tarantula (just about dinner plate size), leeches, barracudas...
We learned that not all bats are nocturnal - fruit bats actually see quite well, and they do not use (have the ability of) echolocation. Bats huddle together closely to sleep for protection. The one or two that are flying about? Those are guards. Bats always have guards on duty - everyone gets duty, everyone gets a turn. Interesting, no?

And we learned that Barracudas needle-like teeth can cut through a steel fishing hook. oof. (That one comes from Julie.)

We got to see the Gray Wolves today. First time I've seen them - usually they're hiding.

Home to a very short rest and supper -

and then to the indoor pool for a couple hours of Swim!.
(Mama backed out as graciously as she could and sent them off with their Daddy...)

aaah, 'tis quiet.

We'll leave that to be the end of the day's tale, then, shall we?


  1. What a great day. My favorite place is the zoo. The tiger is my favorite, but that wolf is beautiful. It looks like the trip was a happy success! :)

  2. What a great giraffe picture!

    Love Maddie's birds :)

    You know, as I was writing my post yesterday I kept thinking "that's Stephanie's life *all the time*. "

    Process process procession

    Thanks for being such a great example! lol

  3. Still have your pool up? Looks like a fun day. I love the smiles in the last photo!

  4. Love Maddie's duck. Looks like a duck Ben recently drew. :)

    We are fans of the Spoonbill. Around our house someone will shout, "Spoonbill" and the other two people must stand on one leg. Good times.

  5. What a great day for you all! And those photos are gorgeous!!

  6. Awesome pictures. Our nearest zoo is two hours away and we meant to get there this summer...but I think we still have time. Maybe a warm-ish fall day would be better than a scoarching summer day. Isaac loves the song, "Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo..."


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