Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Well, let's see.

This morning Julie had posted on her blog something she had found.... I was intrigued enough to go check it out.
Torus Games.
Very cool.
I showed the babes.... they played and liked them, too.

We finally got started on Big Al.... in the spirit of everyone (us) liking our creation, we talked about how we should paint him, and what colors.
We agreed upon light brown and dark brown, with a little bit of orange. (as per Walking with Dinosaurs.)He's finished, I think...

We used a technique that we have painted with a couple of times... a rag inside a bit of plastic mesh (like onion and citrus bags) with a little paint over it makes a lovely "scaly" design.
We're very pleased with him!

Lots of Zoo Tycoon 1 today,
and little bits of video.

We played Mario Kart (all of us),we played Mancala,
and we got out our SomeBody game, and familiarized ourselves well-ly with our organs.
Lettie Lane Paper Dolls were up

along with Usborne Discovery: Dinosaurs investigations

and we discovered Ology - from the American Museum of Natural History. Very cool.

Documentaries.... Trev found that National Geographic's Sea Monsters is on netflix - hooray! one of our favorites- so of course we were set for our family time tonight.
Along with Super Croc (Sarcosuchus).

Lights are low
jack-o-lanterns are litand babes are snuggled in under a clean, warm-from-the-dryer down comforter.

Life is good.
So good.


  1. Thanks for sharing about Sea Monsters being on Netflix. My son loves watching documentaries about dinos, monsters and anything with huge teeth! I just updated our Queue. I always read your blog with a notebook nearby. You share the coolest resources. Thanks!

  2. Great fun! I have a question for you - how do you handle clean-up - are the kids fully involved?

  3. Your blog is looking spiffy indeed ~ especially like the header.

    We've just returned to Netflix - will have to check out that doc.

    Very cool jack-o-lanterns :)

  4. Anne -
    It depends.
    If we're playing and then done, and they scoot off to do something until we come together again, then I'll clean up alone, usually.
    If I'm busy and feeling freaky and stressed about Maddie's thousands of papers (lately) then I'll ask her to pick them up and to keep them tidy.
    If it's something sticky and huge - wax, paints, etc, then I'll clean it up.
    Often "alone" projects are picked up by the individual, and "together" projects are tidied up by me while they play.
    There are no hard and fast rules... just whatever the moment (and people) need.


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