Friday, October 29, 2010

wednesday, plus

In which there is plus one Little,
plus one ginormous tellie
plus one suddenly-larger house.

So life started out on Wednesday regular enough...

snow play.

FOOD : 25 Amazing Projects
from the chapter on Farming, Past & Present,
we learned about climate, how things ripen, super-sized farming, robotic produce, and genetic engineering.
From the Food & Cultures chapter,
we learned that between 1845 and 1852 the potato blight caused what is known as "The Great Famine". By the end of the famine, almost a million people had died of starvation, and another million had fled Ireland. During that time the population in Ireland dropped from about nine million to just over four million people. (!!)
in I Want it! Food in Demand, we learned that it isn't known where for sure the coconut palm tree originated, as coconuts float, and have drifted in ocean currents as far north as Norway. And we read about the benefits of buying locally.
And we learned what foods are in season during which month.
very interesting!
(if you haven't done so, and would like to, visit here to put your name in the hat for the drawing for the book.)

making a Godzilla book


zoo tycoon
(his current love)

a circus / daredevil / talent sort of show
(by Madeleine)

homemade chicken noodle soup

damn that's good. :)

leapster love.

computer play....

and about that time it came to a screeching halt.

I heard from my Dad, who lives 1200 miles or so away, that he's bringing us a very precious package to look after for about a month while he recovers from a major surgery.

His name is Jakub, he is three years old, and he is my nephew.

So... you know.

Not only does that mean the whole family will be gathering 'round our place to properly ooh and aah over our little family member whom we've not yet met, but that we have to make room in our heads and hearts and home for little Jakub, too.

And once he gets here (today!), of course, we have to fill him up with so much love and joy that he won't mind too much being miles and miles away from home and his beloved Papa. (We're from the south. That's pronounced Pa-Paw. With a "oh") in there somewhere before the w. :) )

So that's why we've been missing.

At the same time this was happening, our friends - my good friend, Julie - called to ask "Do you want this giant television, still?" and here's how that went...

I've been thinking that a television downstairs would be very, very nice.
I've told you lots of times that our downstairs (the Rumpus Room) is just basically a cheerful storage room.
But lately I've been thinking that since over half of our play space is about to be shut off (as winter comes), it sure would be nice to have that room be an option. (uh - think Quiet upstairs, too. :) ) And it is an option - only my children won't go downstairs because they've been afraid to be down there by themselves. (mysterious footsteps and creaks and groans and all).
So I had the idea that maybe if we put the wii and a tv down there....

So now we have this huge tv and the wii (which means netflix) and a new vcr/dvd player down there.
And I don't have to worry about little Jakub while I'm otherwise occupied (cleaning), because he can play Thomas and tracks and build with legos and wooden blocks and make zoomorphs and hammer on the cobbler's bench and build with zoobs and play with gears and vrrrr with trucks and he won't be down there by himself because my two are now (so quickly they have adapted!) perfectly content to play and live downstairs. (The toys that I imagine he'll be most interested in all live downstairs.)
A little serendipity at work, hmm??

So they'll be here in a very few hours -after over a day's straight drive- and my sister (who is sharing watching over and loving little Jakub with me) is coming into town from up the road a ways with her family and my mother dropped in last night to say she'll be here and to ask what I'm making for dinner for everyone. ???

Life happens.

Doesn't sound too big a deal, I guess, but it certainly takes us well out of our groove!

Hopefully we'll have time to pop in soon. With lots of embarrassing pictures of the family.
[grin] Just kidding.


  1. good luck with adding another little one to the fray!

  2. So sweet of you to keep Jakub - the TV Wii sounds awesome too - Scout calls his grandfather Papaw too...

  3. Little Jakub is such a lucky boy to get to play with your family!!

    The big ole t.v. plan sounds like a winner :0)

  4. Sounds like fun!!
    That chicken soup looked so yummy, especially with the snow pics.
    Have fun with your new addition!

  5. That soup looks delicious!! Good luck with the little one. He'll have a great time at your house!! :)

  6. Awww I hope wee Jakub enjoys his stay with you guys :-)


  7. Wow - what an adventure. Not doubt Jakub will love it at your house. (I know I would.) Seriously though...enjoy. What a lucky little one to be able to spend time with just a great family. xoxo

  8. Oooh, a baby, a baby, a baby! I want him, too!!!

    I love love LOVE that age--three years old is just the magical of the magical, in my opinion.

    And also...ahem. How fortunate that you homeschool, as that's going to make the temporary lifestyle change much easier, as well as give you all way more ability to nurture each other.

  9. Sounds like a very big deal to me! Little Jakub will have tons of fun, and be very well fed indeed, assuming you keep making that incredible looking soup.

    Hope your Dad is ok :)

  10. Benjamin & I just watched an episode of Little House on the Prairie in which a sort of "Little Lord Fauntleroy" type character--a nephew of Nels Oleson's--comes to Walnut Grove & gets the tar beat out of him because he shows up at school wearing a velvet suit & white stockings.

    I don't imagine you'll have that problem with Jakub. ;)

    What a fortunate little one to be welcomed into your home for a bit!! Have fun--all of you!!

  11. Wow, busy, busy, times are ahead!!! Enjoy them ;)


  12. Definately lots of laughs in your near future! They are so fun at that age. Oh, I think I'll make chicken soup for supper, thanks for the suggestion.


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