Wednesday, October 20, 2010

wednesday : golden

"How can I love you better?"
"Loving me whenever you see me."
"Do you mean what I'm doing for Trevy?"
"And what's your idea? What would make you feel sooo loved? What would make you feel so warm, and think, 'Wow! My mommy really loves me a lot!'?"
"Taking me do Dinosaur Park sometimes, and taking me to outer space. That would make me feel lovey."
Reminds me of Kelly's answer that she received, "Make me a laser pen." :)

So far, so good. Maybe tomorrow we can hit the planetarium for a show. And Dinosaur Park, of course.
The weather is supposed to be beautiful again, so....

More castle play. Prob'ly 'cause it's still in the middle of the livingroom. ; )

Time to go pick up our favorite lunch
and then to our historical farm for an unschooler's meet-up.

They do love chickens.

Bones. Fake ones.

Bones. Real ones.

Tire launches and races.

For friends.


To computers

and Art! With markers and stamps and crayons.

National Geographic: Creepy Creatures




  1. Oh your day sounds just perfect! I just ended the day stressed and fighting with my son about spelling lists and math tests and homework time....feeling absolutely terrible and a failure as a mother! Just stumbled across Waldorf's blog on the 9 Year Old Change. Think I will buy the book and try to have a better day tomorrow! Perhaps as glorious as yours!

  2. just another BiG eXtrAOrdiNarY day at the ordinary life magic house i see:)

  3. I think you are raising best friends as well as siblings - anytime they squabble (but of course they never do ;)) show them the chicken photo and let them feel the looooove!

    Good times!

  4. Wish I had more days like this - they're priceless! Weekends are the only time available to go on adventures! :)

  5. I love when that old lovely truck makes it into these pages. I smile. Such an awesome truck!

  6. I think of it as a cousin or something of Mater's. :)

  7. What a beautifully documented day. LOVE the photo of Trev jumping across the creek.

    It seems as though you live amidst a little bit of everything. Such a rich life you all lead. xo

  8. I love LOVE the picture of Maddy, chin in hand, looking out the wooden window - just completely, totally beautiful.

    Insipered by YOU, I've spent time asking each of my big three about loving them more, and it's been eye opening and plain wonderful.

    Thanks for the mention - we've got past the laser pen request after a few more discussions, and now he wants squeezing more, and to be able to put his cold feet on my legs when he gets in our bed in the morning. (Yikes!)

  9. Don't you love that the National Geographics are now on Netflix watch instant? My guy claimed that he'd never watched them as a kid like I had, but as soon as we started it up (the one on tigers), he was all, just like me, "Dah dah dah DAH dum! Dah dah dah DAH dum dum!"

  10. Love the animal skeleton picture. We just took a hike in the woods and ran across what looks like a coyote skull.


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