Tuesday, October 19, 2010

two days

lest you think we've jumped ship
uh... or that things are so busy and glamorous that we just don't have time to check in...
i'll fill you in on our so-remarkable life. :)
(if I don't, then I get used to not paying attention to what's going on in our lives, and that just doesn't work for me.)

we've tidied up.
and then made even bigger messes.

we've read most of the first of the Spiderwick Chronicles.

we've considered pasta makers and breadmakers and science stuff and then settled upon ordering a bunch of new games to review. shopping for stuff takes a loooong time. but woohoo, free stuff!!

we've talked and talked about concerns and situations and Tone and expression and kindness and the feelings of others and feeling frustrated and physical well-being and how it relates to emotional well-being, and such and on.

we've played Carmen Sandiego Math Detective


and TimezAttack.

we've played ZooTycoon

and Clifford

and we've set up a new (to us) television and watched things we haven't seen in a while.

we've (really only one of us has) fought with a computer - who in tarnation ever heard of a computer that swings open!?! almost broke the damned thing trying to break in! - and eventually won and replaced the cd/dvd drive. hmmph.

we've spent the afternoon at the skate park,

and meandered over for a pizza afterward.

we've done puzzles

made umpteen drawings


and drained the small pond.

we've held eachother close

have given and received a thousand kisses

and have eaten popsicles.

we've had bare feet to the still-warm earth,

and our windows wide-open for the last sweeps of the warm wind.

we've had ideas

we've had questions

and we've had crashes.

all the usual stuff, hmm?
looking forward to a few hopefully fun-filled "at home' days.


  1. It makes a difference to me to write things down too. I'm glad that you write yours down; it reminds me of a slower, sweeter time in my life and gives me hope that perhaps some day it can be like that again.

  2. New games! Yeah! Looks like you guys are up to your usual fun stuff.
    BTW- Yes, I have changed the commenting for Bergblog. We mostly get our comments on All Things Beautiful so we decided to make the Bergblog mostly for family, so we switched the commenting to be for family only. You are welcome to leave comments at ATB, if you would like.

  3. Ah, the last few days of nice fall weather! We probably had our last morning mile-ride bike trip to the library today, as it ended with cold hands and runny noses and cranky kids. Winter WAY changes our lifestyle here.


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