Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Math Animals (with Maddie)


lookin' over our new games

snuggled up, reading first two chapters of Corydon & the Island of Monsters

tidyin' up

zoo tycoon


Totally Tut

jumpin' jacks on the indoor trampoline

started on FOOD : 25 Amazing Projects. read the first chapter, which was a little about the way ancient peoples got, farmed, and then stored food.
now we have big plans to do all four of the projects for this chapter - ancient hot chocolate, marshmallows, dehydrated beef (jerky), and then we'll "Flood the Nile". very cool, so far!
(if you'd like to be entered into a drawing for a copy of the book, leave a comment here.)

Maddie designed a "Junior Dinosaur Ranger" program
while Trev made himself a grilled cheese sandwich.

Thomas and tracks

Fraction Whirl (Trev's choice)

jumping jumping jumping indoors

Math Animals (with Trev this time)

lecturing (Trev as the Orator)

girl scouts!...
and zoo tycoon while that was goin' on.

art. (Maddie returned.)

watching skiing in India
and serious snowball sport in Japan

hot cocoa

family time - Trev chose Math Animals again.

indoor jumping


collecting the last of the tomatoes and peppers

cutting and pasting

The Addams Family
(love netflix)

more indoor tramp jumping

more cutting and pasting


workbook play (Madeleine, of course)

the snow's here, now.

and goodness, i'm ready to put this list to bed for the night.

i would imagine we'll be here tomorrow.

same bat time.
same bat channel.


  1. Snow?! Wow, we had an unusually warm day for the end of October. Hubby even turned the air on in the house. Thanks for sharing your new games; I love getting ideas from you.

  2. Snow. You typed that, right?

  3. Snow?

    La, la, la, la, I can't hear you, la, la,la...

  4. I like the sound of those math games. Looks like you have been playing them a lot as of late.
    SNOW?? Oh, my! We had 80 degrees here yesterday. It has cooled off this morning because of a rain shower last night but it is still in the 70's. Hard to wrap my mind around snow. Hope you don't have it too cold for trick or treating.

  5. It was almost 20 degrees C. here yesterday - can't imagine snow just yet, although I know it's coming.

    Ooo...I'm thinking Isaac would like Math Animals. Will have to look for that. Sounds like a lovely day - as usual. xo

  6. Sqee! Addams family on Netflix? I'm there!


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