Wednesday, October 13, 2010

tuesday : no problem.

oh, it was one of those mornings for me!
catchin' up on blogs, being so excited for the day -

thinking that I promised the babes we'd get to the skatepark today and we have Maddie's first GirlScouts meeting tonight and should we go out to the orchard to pick apples? and there's the gingerbread haunted house kit on the kitchen table waiting to be made and I'm thinking autumn sugar cookies and maybe homemade pretzels and of course I have to clean the kitchen first, and ooohhhhh, the possibilities!

it was Mama Cat and Sassy's birthday. evidently.
Maddie informed me of this and told me we'd need presents.
no problem - we'll make something.

we got out beads to do just that, and she started with the laces... in the few seconds that I was answering the door, she had whipped up a zipline with the laces.

at first it was intended for cavemen and Hulk, but after we experimented and perfected it (and it was, perfect) it was for Mama Cat's birthday.

standing on a chair - nice and high!

made birthday cards
and Halloween pictures.

we started on our haunted gingerbread house. it crashed a few times and then the roof broke.

we decided it wasn't a problem. we could just eat it.

(It's easy to let the children just "have at it!" when you make these every year.

we went to the skatepark, as promised.

only a very few people there. awesome.

Trev braved turning around on the deep half-pipe wall. no problem. he says he's an official official, now. I guess that was step two.
Trev had his first crash. I convinced him that it wasn't a big deal when he was done bein' hurt - "How many times do you see someone crash around here? Every few seconds. That's what learning is about. Every single person here is still learning."
Maddie made a friend on the playground.

to home.

to girl scouts.
wasn't sure about how this was gonna go - hadn't worked out the logistics, yet... can't leave Trev at home by himself for an hour and twenty minutes (even though 'tis just right up the street)... in winter sittin' in the car might be a problem for an hour... could maybe just drop Maddie off, I guess (I'm comfortable with that, as one of the leaders is a friend)...
turns out there's a table and chairs at a window just up the hall from the GirlScouts rooms... a perfect place for Trev and I to hang out while we're waiting. we brought in a notepad and marker to play Sprouts and such, but mostly we just talked.
we decided that this wasn't going to be a problem - we'll just bring books and my laptop, and we'll be set.
(even just he, should Mama decide to volunteer.)
Maddie loved scouts.

we got home and eventually the day ended much as it had begun... thinking up plans.
what about picking apples? we go to The Cousins on Thursday to spend the day, and they have six apple trees... so we'll go out to the orchard after we find the outcome of that.
we need to swim! we'll go wednesday night after Dad gets home and dinner.
it's beautiful weather and we want to see our friends! we'll pack up a lunch and spend the day at the zoo, then....

all is well
-and fine and good-


  1. Scouting is awesome - and so nice that you found a place for Trev there too!

  2. I think it's fascinating that one reason your days are so full and fabulous is that you're not afraid of doing everything you think of! I think sometimes I get stuck on the idea that I'll *run out* of ideas, so I don't want to do too much, too soon. Something to think about...

  3. Amanda - that is a very interesting point.
    And you're right... I just look at creativity like an endless, flowing energy. That the more you use it, the more it flows, and the more it comes again.

  4. "We could just eat it." Good idea.

    I'm glad to hear Girl Scouts went well. We dabbled in Spiral Scouts a few years back--formed our own l'il Family Hearth--we let our membership expire, though.

    I don't have the $ to buy patches that only we will actually see and it seemed like Benjamin would have been earning a friggin' patch every other day. I think SS only works if you live in a community where there are large groups. We're not in the sort of community. LOL

  5. Love that zip wire and the haunted gingerbread house. Yes, sometimes I find I get stuck on having too many ideas and not implementing them. I love that you just do, do, do...and then it flows from one to the other. I know when we do this it happens but sometimes, why the hell do I get idea overload and then stuck, mm..frustrating.

  6. I love the picture of the zipline. My son loves, loves, loves playing with yarn, string, and twine. In fact, I'm thinking of going to the thrift store and putting together a big box of it as a Christmas present. He also lives to tie knots. He usually finds the inspiration to do this at 10:00 at night and will stick to it for a half hour or more.

  7. Kelly - I think that's why we
    "do, do, do"...
    because it sounds like lots of fun at the time, and for the most part I enjoy eating life up in big gulps.
    I feel like if we don't do it when it occurs to me/us, then we probably won't later, and will either forget about it or lose our enthusiasm for it, and there will be so much more to "do, do, do", then.
    So we just Do now. :)

    Jess - we thought about Spiral Scouts, but actually went with EarthScouts last year. Took a couple of months off due to certain things, then just never started up our group again.

    Chris - Maddie is that way, too - she has a very mechanical/engineering mind. :)

  8. Hi! I am blog-spotting your adorable Halloween gingerbread house over on the Simply Handmade and Northridge Media blog. Thanks for inspiring us with your creative ideas!
    It should go live between 12noon and 2pm today, Thursday the 14th!
    Happy Halloween!

  9. OMG, Steph! Look at her long hair! Gorgeous!

    I loved the zipline. :)

  10. i was thinking the same thing about her beautiful just reminded me that i'd packed away a gingerbread kit for halloween time...hmmmm. i love your flow and go - you have so many options of things to do!

  11. Ooh, orange icing! LOVE! When we do haunties for Halloween and regulars for Christmas, I build the infrastructure with chocolate melted in the fondue pot. Takes a while to harden (in winter I just set it out on the porch for a few minutes), but then it's rock-solid. You can even add CRAZY defying-gravity pieces if you're willing to hold it still til it hardens!

    When the littles throw candy on as fast as they can, they use peanut butter. Mmmmmm....sticky.


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