Wednesday, October 06, 2010

tuesday : droppin' in

Well - our children took the plunge.
Not a big deal for Trev on his bike (we'll be taking his board next time, he says),
but just imagine standing at the top of the ramp with one foot on solid flat ground, and your other foot precariously sitting on your scoot.
You're front wheel is already facing down, and you have to let go,
and then hurry and put your full weight on board while you're already moving pretty dang fast downhill.
Droppin' in is a very big deal.

They consider themselves Official Members of the skatepark, now.


  1. FUN! reminds me we need to get to our skate park soon...

  2. WoW! Very brave scooter girl! I can't wait to hear how Trev does on his board!

    I'm not a big fan of putting my balance in any sort of danger. ;) Comes with getting older?

  3. What a Rite of Passage! Fabulous photos!

  4. Awesome - sounds like a forever memory to me!

  5. Fantastic. I love the courage kids possess. Why oh why do we lose that as we age? Can't wait to read your updates from the skate park. xo

  6. Yay! Dropping in is quite the milestone!


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