Friday, October 22, 2010

thursday love

art in the sunshine

learning about the moose (elk to europeans) and then the White Bengal Tiger-
this time studying and learning animals through zoo tycoon

meditation in the sunshine

(and Godzuki)

we pulled into the planetarium
(Mama's practical answer to Maddie's request that I take her on a trip to Outer Space)
about two minutes late for our movie.

Maddie said to ditch the idea, and to move on to The Dinosaur Park (and museum).

so with a promise to return, we did.

"She drives me crazy! I want to eat her head."
and she does,
and he does.
but they also love each other fiercely (as they also tell eachother a few times a day).
and would be lost, if not for the other, I think.

* * *
mostly when we head several miles away from home,
it just makes sense to make a day of it,
so we visit other favorites, as well.

today it was the nature center -
probably our last Explore there this year.

from a bird blind

to home
- as the sun went down -
for more of our favorite things.

life is good.


  1. Dinosaur park and nature center in one day! I would say that was a lovely day. We are so far from those places, we have to pick and choose one in a day. Lucky you!

  2. Your kids are so cute and enthusiastic!!! Love your days!!! Hope you guys have a fun weekend!!!

  3. The outdoors seems to be pulling me to it lately. It *is* nice to be enjoying the very last deliciousness of the season.

  4. So many of your pictures look like paintings. They are breathtaking.

  5. We haven't been to the nature center for awhile now, looks like winter might be our time to go:)

    Beautiful pictures!

    I haven't said yet, but I really like the new look of your blog.

  6. Thanks, Julie.
    I like this new pretty well-ly.
    I had a need to get rid of -or file away- all the chaos. :)

    I love the nature center.
    I love it even better now that I know my way around it.


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