Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sugar Decorations

We knew that we wanted to make some decorative pretties for our Spring celebration cupcakes.

So we tried our hand at creating with sugar!

We made two different concoctions -

One with crystallized sugar, and one with powdered sugar.

For the crystallized sugar, we used about a half cup of sugar, and then added a couple of drops of food coloring to a tablespoon of water, and then stirred it up. Use more water if you need it.

We were able to press the grains (similar to damp, large-grain sand) into a couple of our playdough molds. Something that is more like a small cookie cutter works best, as you can push the firmed sugar out of the mold through the top.

For our turtle and bug molds, we just tapped them out of the molds – sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn’t.

We set them outside under the sun to dry and harden for a couple of hours.

They turned out beautifully!

Our second concoction was much less messy! :)

For this one we used a lot of powdered sugar.

Same as the first, we put the powdered sugar into a bowl (1/2 a cup or so per color), and then added tiny bits of colored water – a few drops- until it was a pasty, dough-like consistency that we could work with.

This one was much easier to handle, and didn’t require molds, as you can use it like a dough, creating shapes with your hands.

We’ve put our unused sugar pastes in ziplock bags, and if we can use it for another creation soon, we will.

The egg shapes and whatnot that are extra will probably be used for sugar lumps for Maddie’s tea parties.

I doubt very many of our decorations sparklifying our cupcakes will be eaten, but the point was to make them beautiful, and they certainly are!

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