Sunday, October 17, 2010

the soul of sunday

what's your sunday soul-speak today?


  1. my sunday soul always longs to work in the garden, tending soil, building fences (chicken & rabbit proofing), eating flowers, watching bees, waterin' fertilizin', enrichin', laughing at the chooks and chattin' with the bunny (she's sulky sometimes so she needs a little extra tlc)drinking tea with my boys, watchin' them grow as well...

    ~nothing but love to you, ordinarymagic woman

    will be back with a link

  2. I have misplaced my connector thingy to my camera...but if I had it with me I would post a picture of my son and his best friend who is recovering from Guillian Barre Syndrome and completely paralized. The boys had such an amazing time nothing had happened....true innocence....true friendship...true love. A perfect Sunday.


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