Sunday, October 10, 2010

the soul of sunday

i've often mentioned that Sundays are my favorite days.

Sundays are... deeper days, for me.

a day for gathering arms full of roses and arms full of my beloveds.
a day for holding cherished moments and experiences close
for loving.... more
and for connecting with the Everything...

for Being and swirling richly and deliciously in whatever the soul most desires.

since these are often my thoughts on sundays, i thought that i may as well have a special place to keep them.

a space for moments,
or snapshots,
or entire days of Shine.

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  1. Sunday is my favorite day as well.....quiet, slow, lazy. A day set aside for family...

    There are so many Sunday Soul photos I could share but the ones that capture a true Sunday for me have never been caught on film...they are a mosiac of snapshots throughout the year that bring me comfort and joy...and a soft sigh.

    Love this post!!!


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