Saturday, October 02, 2010


Maddie's been tracing and tracing and tracing these last few days...
and making books...
and writing and writing and writing.

JumpStart 1st Grade for her today. Love JumpStart!

"Mom." (Very serious, is she.) "I'm ready for us to be together, now."
Which means that she's had enough of all-of-us-doing-our-own-thing (all day Friday), and now she's ready for some regular family time.

We played Apples to Apples Jr. (Love that one, too.)

and made our paper Jacks for our livingroom picture window.

This was the first year that I didn't just cut out parts and have them assemble - they actually drew the parts, and made them themselves.
They are my favorites, of course!
Funny, to me it's evident whose is whose...

Maddie, Mama, Maddie, Trev, Mama, Trev

Mine look traditional, Madd's look like a five-year-old, and Trev went for original. :)

The last part of our day was spend playing with and loving our friends...

A perfect October's day.


  1. Singing by the campfire sounds really nice on a fall evening.

  2. Cute Jack-o-lanterns! I am SO excited that it's finally October--it's all Halloween crafts, all the time this month!

  3. Love the jacks! I came home today to a picture window sized spider web, complete with spider. Lucky me. Sorta. lol

    Your blog looks so nice - the banner is beautiful :)

  4. Love your new lay-out! Fabulous Fall Saturday INDEED!!!

  5. Oh how I would love a campfire. It's gotten quite chilly here at night - and in the summer the mosquitoes are SO bad it's hard to be out. But, there is nothing like sitting around the campfire, strumming guitar and singing some songs. Perfection.

    AND...OMG - your blog looks gorgeous. WOW! I love what you did with it. I'm off to explore your tabs. :) xo Debbie

  6. Pretty, pretty, the new look!

    Love the pumpkin goodness, too. We haven't gotten out any decs yet, nor have we planned any crafty fun. Must get on it soon!!

    Stop by--I've completed Parts II & III of my {Clarity!} :)


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