Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Pretty Packages

We’re making lots of things for gifts this year that require small boxes, so I thought I’d share just how we’re going about it.

It only requires paper (any paper will work, though wrapping paper isn’t very sturdy) and scissors.

For Maddie’s puzzle boxes (I’m making her puzzles this year) I’m using gift bags – I really don’t like gift bags :) – so I”m quite thrilled to cut them up and make something useful out of them!

I cut the larger sides from the rest of the bag.

Cross them over (so you can find the square base), and cut off the extra to make two squares.


Fold the paper in half, corner to opposing corner -both ways- , so that you have an x in the middle.

Bring each corner up to the center mark in turn and crease the paper.

Next bring each corner to the crease furthest away from it, and crease.

At each corner, fold to the nearest crease to that corner, and make another crease.

Making sure to leave the four center squares intact (as this is the top or bottom of your box) cut the paper in four places.

With the side that looks like a triangle, fold over the tab to the center of the box.

Do the same with the other side,

and then fold up the second seam, making the first sides of the box.

Fold in the cut tabs.

and then turn to the next two sides, and fold those tabs into the center of the box.

Tis done!

For the bottom of the box, cut off about half an inch from two sides of your square paper (keeping it square) to make it a bit smaller than the top, so that the top will fit well over the smaller box.

Follow the same folds as before.

Paper grocery sacks make beautiful boxes (if you happen to have any)… I used a side of the sack for the base (bottom) of the box, and then craft paper for the top. (Craft paper is lighter and not as sturdy for heavy things.)

‘Tis a perfect giftbox for a pound of your best homemade fudge.

For extra stability, trace around the bottom of your box with a pen on the printed side of a cardboard box – cereal or crackers is a great weight.

Place the brown square snugly into the bottom of your pretty brown box,

and decorate it as you like.


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  1. i have a ton of gift bags i've been saving. thanks for sharing this idea. i'm thinking of making fabric gift bags this year.
    have a great week
    your blog looks beautiful!


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