Wednesday, October 27, 2010



before full light.

and snowy angels.
and dreams of snowmen.

and her purple corduroy snowman dress.

and hot cider
in her snowman mug
and hot coffee for her mama.

and it's funny how a few days past
I was a bit anxious about the loss -
losing the light.
losing the free.
losing the warm breezes sweeping the house.

and then we all looked out last night,
to see the rains turn to snow
(which tells of more than just this day, certainly)

and then I found myself closing the door,
and turning the lock.

and the furnace kicked on,
and the yellow light from the pumpkins and ghosties hanging at the top of the porch
glowed through the door's glass,
and I turned and looked at my family,
all settled in the livingroom,
ready for Together.

and everything was aglow
and everything was warm
and everything was... love.

and I knew, then,
that it was going to be quite alright.


  1. I love your prose. So beautiful and simple and yet so evocative.

  2. What a beautiful outlook.

    Here we are in bare legs and short sleeves today--in New England in October! Snow would be more expected.

  3. We've had snow too - crazy to go from shirt sleeves to snowboots - Eh?

  4. ...and to think, we have our windows open today (in Pennsylvania)!

    Benjamin likes the snow-eating photo!

  5. hmm, I wonder if we have snow in our near future, we have been having uncommonly warm weather in these parts in the 80, a little crazy

  6. My boy sure shares your snow sentiments.... he is longing for the white magic to fall and run out to play in it :0)

    You describe the simple wonders of life so well.

  7. Holy crap. I am going to have to be dragged, kicking and SCREAMING, into snow season.

  8. wow snow! love it & love that pink snow suit! happy tending (the home and hearth:))

  9. My daughter keeps asking "When is the snow coming?" Not yet here in WV! I do love snow and I loved your post today, thanks for sharing.

  10. This will be us SOON. We've only had a dusting so far. Lovely, but we're all ready for more.

  11. You know, I think this is one of the most beautifully written posts I have ever read anywhere. When I went back and *really* read it again, I can just see the glow.

    Such contentment, shared with us all. Lovely.

  12. beautiful! we have had the craziest wind storms but no snow yet. we usually get some by halloween. can't wait!

  13. Oh my I can't quite believe you are in snow! So soon? Wasn't it just Summer? It is incredibly beautiful... sigh


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