Monday, October 11, 2010


maddie and I started our day with reading fairy tales.

since we were snuggled in, we thought we'd just stay for a bit, :), and soon were playing the torus games again. we really like them.

when we got tired of those, I showed her some games at cool math games and we hung out there for a while.

then we played with toes and fingers, and decided since we were there we'd get out the hello kitty makeover kit and sparklify a little.

' had another fairy tale while pinkies and toes were dryin'.

we went to see if Trevy was awake yet, and snuggled in with him and watched Beakman's World.

work out!
Trev hung in there with me for a second...

"What's this?"
"It's an invitation to my tea party in my room."
"Oh, well... I'm doing my exercises right now, and then I'm going to shower..."
"That's when it starts. After your exercises."
"We're having tea and icecream."
"Mmmm, yummy!"
"And you have to dress up. You can wear something pretty. I'm wearing my dragon costume."
"Okay..." thinking Whatever shall I wear?
"Oh - and you have to pay. That's what the cash register is there for."
"Ooohhh." Hmmm. Think I got roped into something here....

Luncheon, actually.

discussions of homo habilis and bigfoot.

requests for the skatepark.
of course.
well... s'pose I could grab a stacks of books that I can look through for some project ideas....
we'll put Daddy in charge of the cheering section...

let's go, then.

well - we were sposed to go only for an hour... but you know how that goes. :) dontcha.

what can I say?
we have energy to get out, and pretty soon we'll be under terminal gray skies and a foot of snow for prob'ly four months. we'll take these outdoor Play! days for as long as they're offered to us.

we're tired and happy.
and hungry.

and doing research.
and writin'.

life's good.


  1. Oooh ooh!! I got to the comment box! Since the site has been updated I get a stall and browser crash every time I try to visit...this time I left my spinning rainbow and 'loading' for several minutes and came back, and while it is still not fully loaded, I can comment finally!

    And then I get an error...trying again.

  2. I'll say it is...snuggling in, a tea party and playing outside. Sounds wonderful!!! :)

  3. Definitely get all the outside playing done that you can...we're having really warm fall days now too...loving it...

  4. I love FALL! and TAG your it!!

  5. A Tea Party is an excellent idea.

    We shall be pinching that one soon.

    (and I love your new layout too!)

  6. i can relate to the squeezing in as much fun outdoor play time as possible... only on a totally different level this year. :/

    lovely day. a tea party IS a great idea. i think it's time for me to break out the china again.

  7. Brilliant tea party - love the shot of Trev in costume :0)


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