Monday, October 04, 2010


We found ourselves with an extra bit of time this morning, as our first meeting with the Dangerous Book Club for Boys was postponed this week.
I'm telling you this, because isn't that a fine idea? (It wasn't mine!) I think this is the greatest thing... a group for boys to have rocket experiments, skate at the skate park, go on a letterboxing adventure, play video games, learn to use pocket knifes... so, so clever, I think! (I thought some of you might be interested in setting up your own Dangerous Book Club for Boys, so I wanted to share with you.)

Anyway - with the couple extra hours we started hangin' our ghostly and ghastly treasures.

Pretty soon it was time for our unschooling meeting at one of our favorite haunts... the Utah Museum of Natural History. So off we went!

Tectonics - moving plates and making mountains.

Today we got to talk to a lady who told us about the new (museum) building under construction, and my smart friend Julie asked another lady if we could have proposal signs to put in our yards to promote the vote for Proposition 1, to make sure the museum gets the funding it needs this year.

We're very excited to get to paint and then display it!

We've been rockstars today.

And we've done lots of research on Bigfoot.

We've ran
and laughed
and sang
and tormented
and loved.

We've watched Wallace and Gromit
noticed falling leaves
eaten about 3 gallons of fresh-from-the-garden salsa
and we've made meat-a balls-a. [said with an Italian accent].

And, now, as the evening arrives, bringing cool, cool winds and dark gray clouds,
we're gettin' ready to settle and snuggle in.

'Storm's comin'.
I think it's bringing Autumn with it.


  1. I have thought many times about a Mother/Son bookclub with a theme such as The Dangerous Book for Boys...I think I missed the boat on it, however....I wish I would have jumped on it when my son was at that ripe age..I fear he is a bit too old now (sigh)!!!! Please post about your son's truly is a terrific idea!!

  2. That Dangerous book club is a GREAT idea! I hope you guys can make it work out.
    Love the holiday decor. Halloween is a big favorite around here. An excuse for even the big kids to play dress up!

  3. I love your new header! You certainly look like you are ready for Halloween already! I had to smile at the thought of an Unschoolers meeting...I mean I just don't picture Unschoolers as the type to like meetings.
    Looked like a beautiful day.

  4. My daughters looove The Dangerous Book for Boys! My eldest and her best friend did quite a few projects from it last year - this year they are working through the Daring Book for Girls. I've often said that you could use those two books and have a very well rounded (and fun!) education. Great stuff - I hope you all have fun with it!

  5. I'm loving all those pumpkins!

  6. Fun! The HS group in our town has a Dangerous Book Club for Boys...we were SO EXCITED when we first saw it, but for the past year they have just gone bowling, it seems, so we don't go. 8-O. We don't know any kids to start our own 'club' but we have been working through the book for over a year. Sounds like a brilliant idea for your group, and those kinds of adventures are the best thing for little boys.

  7. I love you new look. Also would be interested in knowing how the group works out. I was just browsing through the book and wondering when we would get to it.

  8. Someday I will have to sing you the Dorsey Meatball Song ;-)
    (To be sung while making meat-a-balls-a)

  9. I sure wish I lived closer. An unschooling gathering would be great. (We have an uschooling chat - but it's in the evenings for the mamas (and papas, if they can make it.) I wish we all did something for the kids. I suppose mine is just small yet. Maybe I don't know enough about what is going on. You've inspired me (again) to look into it more. AND - to look up that book.
    We are looking forward to Halloween as well. So much fun to be had.


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