Thursday, October 07, 2010

Just Thursday

"Do you believe in me?"
"Mm hmm." Unequivocally.
"Good." says She.
There have been lots of questions and supposes like that today. I wish I could remember them all.

We started on some metal art today... with metal sheets, that is.
Madd drew this lion [RARR!] to set into the metal sheet.



Musical Instruments.
"Mom. C'mere. ' Got somethin' to show you."
Then, "See this? This..." points to the lamp, " the Sun. This side of the Earth is where the people are. The people are in the dark! See here?" points to the side near the lamp, "...this is where the dinosaurs are. Now!.." she continues, "What happens? The earth turns, this way, and...."
Quite right. The sun rises on the other part of the world.
She's got it, you know.
Robots were our Create! and Art today.

Little dabs of silver acrylic paint upon black construction paper for background..



and Mama's

' Turns out, on the fridge with a magnet is a great place to display these shiny friends.

Zen Garden

Zoo Tycoon
T-Rex Mountain
tidying up
I, Carly
[which means quiet for Mama]
and Mandalas and Magic Pencils

have also been a part of our day.

Blokus happens at the kitchen table while supper cooks....

and now we've loaded up our netflix with a thousand science documentaries....
looks like we're set for the rest of the night.

All is happy and Right in our world, then.
'Til tomorrow.


  1. do you make the mandalas or just color them?

  2. I was actually thinking today that I need to rig up some circle patterns so that I can make some. :)

    We just color them.

  3. OH OH OH a ZEN GARDEN!! I need to do that this week! Thank you for the inspiration dear blog friend!!!

  4. LOVE the robots. I want to come live with you. :)

  5. I like the new look of your blog!

    The robots look fun, Kyan has been on a Robot's movie watching kick since it arrived last week from Netflix.

  6. Totally love those robots ... totally cool!!!

  7. I know exactly what that blurry book is! I've seen Willow in the same posture enough times that I can recognize all the dinosaur encyclopedias in the world in my sleep.

  8. Totally dig the carnage! Will have to show Benjamin!


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