Sunday, October 31, 2010


Jakub wanted a party.
A Halloween Party.

And since much of our local population is "otherwise occupied" on Sundays, many people opt to celebrate the big day on Saturday. We don't much care either way, but it happens that The Cousins are among those that choose the Saturday option, so there you have it.

So a party. Saturday night.

It looked like glow sticks

and frozen carbon dioxide

and spaghetti and meat-a balls-a for dinner (and the trimmin's, of course)

and floating bubbles

and magic puffing, smoking bubbles

and a mad scramble for shoes and socks and costumes and trick-or-treat bags

and finally we were off.

we didn't come back until the only parts of the Littlest set (there were three of them) that were even able to operate were their still-nimble fingers and their candy-working jaws.
But that's why I always remembers to bring the wagon.

A Happy Halloween to everyone!


  1. Yay, glow sticks! The next town over had its official trick-or-treat time last night, so I lengthily considered driving the kiddies over there to trick-or-treat last night, while still trick-or-treating in our town tonight. But...since we're having our big Halloween party today, I opted for more sleepies instead.

  2. It looks WONDERFUL!!!!

    We're off to party at my Mom's house this afternoon--Halloween is our favorite holiday.

    In fact, Michael & I wanted to get married on Halloween but we chose November 1st instead b/c it was more convenient for all guests to be in attendance that particular year.

    Our rehearsal dinner was a bit of a masquerade though--that was fun!

  3. Fun!

    We're pretty excited here for the festivities tonight - did you stop by and see our Jack? I think he's quite funny, if I do say so.

    Jakub must just be soaking in all this joy and love, sweet!

  4. Oh Fun and Fatigue!!! Good to hear from you all!!!

  5. Looks like fun! My best friend said that they do trick or treating on Sat. in TN as well. It is still on Sunday here.

  6. I've always found it so wierd that people celebrate on days other than the actual day...but I suppose if it works for your community and/or your family - and everyone is in agreeance, then it's cool. I just don't get it.:)

    Looks like you guys had so much fun. I wish we would have had a party last night. Still, we are heading out tonight for our trick-or-treating. I'm just as excited as Isaac. xo

  7. Debbi - generally it drives me crazy, but I don't find it enjoyable to resent my general community, so...

    Last night was so fun for all of us that I quite didn't mind!

    We are certainly free to do what we gotta do today to celebrate again!

  8. Good way to look at it Stephanie. Too much energy wasted in being negative. Wise woman, you. xo -Debbie

  9. Yay for Mama and the wagon! Looks like the best of times!


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