Tuesday, October 19, 2010

a gift for me.

Sometimes things just come together magically, you know?
' Course, I'm talking about synchronicity. And quite probably serendipity, too.

So I've mentioned "living for love" lately.
I've been wanting to experiment with that, to find out what that means for me and my family. To find new heights. To find out what's really most important in my, and their ordinary moments.
The trouble is that I hadn't yet figured out how exactly to implement this idea into my everyday days - indeed, most of the time I forget about this mysterious, existential zenith entirely.

So here at this magical point, three things coincide.
My wanting to "live for love".
(and, indeed, this is a very fortuitous time for this, as at the moment I am feeling more a need to "get out of the negativity" or "change something" rather than a more positive, less-blaming and more loving desire simply to expand my self and love)
my Thay, Thich Nhat Hanh,
and the ever-expanding idea of "Just Ask".

It's almost humorous (but not quite) to me that inasmuch I feel the answer to life with my children is communication -even through simple speech (and that it so often solves problems lurking about that I don't know how to fix or deal with), that it has never occurred to me to just ask, as Thay suggests, "Please tell me how I can love you better."

Well, now.
Please tell me how I can love you better.

This miracle has come to me this morning by way of facebook, and a beautiful article in Whole Living magazine, The Love Experiment: One Question That Changes Everything.

I think that this question shall bring a whoooooole slew of things that I do not see coming.
I expect it will be at least a little painful. And alarming.
I suspect that in moments I will feel defensive.
Guilt is a given.
Possibly embarrassment.

But I have to wonder if these more unsavory things are blatantly visible to me right now because I so need this time.
Time to experience and embrace different, better, grander parts of my Self.
That since I believe in marching for something, rather than against something, now is a perfect time to positively step into the light.

So I'm taking on expanding my Self by expanding my Love for a while.

This should be interesting....
: )


  1. Wow. And I thought you were brave to unschool!

    Seriously though, great, great article - I especially loved this from it:

    "What an easy gift to give: stepping toward her needs, instead of waiting to be pressed up against them. I think this might be called love."

    Love that idea. Must think on it.

    Thanks for the link, and the inspiration, and of course - best wishes and hopes for you from afar...

  2. I have two favorites - that part, and "The dread lifts away. It's Lesser's theory in practice: My false assumptions haven't solved a problem. They've been the problem."

    It only takes bringing light into any darkness to banish it, so I am hopeful. :)
    Love can only improve my life and experience.

  3. you are a brave brave woman, and i would happily march in your parade. you are inspiring me during this lull in my day, to open wider and wider...off to read.

  4. Such a beautiful post. I love the way you go inward and reflect with such a gentle spirit. Keep inspiring you brave and wonderful woman!

  5. Thich Nhat Hanh - what an incredible human being he is. I also consider him one of my great teachers.

    Stephanie - I have to say, you've inspired me SO much on your journey to "live for Love" and I too have taken up this amazing quest. I mean, I'm always striving to live in this way, but some days get hard and I forget and I dwell in the darkness a little too long. I haven't read the article yet (but will after I hit, "comment." However, I had to say Thank You because your committment to your children and your family and way with which you shine your light into the world just makes the world a better place to be in. I look forward to learning more from your journey with this - maybe even post about my own. Much love to you. - Debbie

  6. I really appreciate your words - not because I feel worthy or happy at the compliment, but rather because I feel that it doesn't matter at what point of the journey I am, that regardless of mistakes or imperfections, one can still inspire great things in others.
    That is wondrous, indeed, to me, that by an idea or word I could provoke or invoke something loving in another.
    So I thank You.
    All of You.

  7. Wow that sounds both scary and wonderful. I want to try this, I need to work on letting go and giving. Who better to give to than the ones I love. Okay I'll join you...when everyone gets back on Saturday.


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