Friday, October 15, 2010


there are still a few things on my fall celebration list -
apples are one of them.

i love playing with apples.
i love drying them
i love picking them
i love talking about them
i love their starry centers
i love baking them
i love photographing them...

this morning Maddie wanted something warm to eat. so... you know....

baked apples
butter, brown sugar, cinnamon

we were busy bees tidying up this morning so that we could go play -with all of us!- this afternoon.

bzz, bzz, bzzzzz, bizzie.



'puter play.

let's go.

first thing we were off to a nearby farm that raises things organically - we were hoping for pumpkins (somehow we didn't plant pumpkins with intent this year -only in Maddie's children's garden- and didn't end up with any. quite a shock, that was...) and we were hoping for cucumbers and apples and peaches.
Surprise!! all of their apples had been picked and made into their famous cider. woops.
but they had a nectarine or too, and plenty of pumpkins...
as well as some sort of kids pumpkin festival going on.
bouncies and hotdogs... that sort of thing.

to HeeHaw Farms, then.
just for fun.
You know-- corn maze, petting zoo, big, giant slides, huge jumps into soft hay....

could be Anywhere, USA, hmmm?
in autumn-time.

life is sweet.


  1. Looked like a very fun day, indeed. I love your apple picture and the one on the slide with just the outline of them. Sweet.

  2. I'm behind the eight ball here with apples too - down with flu for a week.

    Those chooks sure do look good with Maddie and Trev :0) Can you have some backyard chickens where you live?

  3. We can - and we're thinking about it, but, oh, goodness, we've got SO MUCH stuff back there. :)

  4. What a fun day! We got our pumpkins too!...

  5. I love fall days like those.
    The apples baking look delicious!

  6. My boys love going to the local farm! Apples, pumpkins and bakng...what fun!

  7. We're in apple mode here as well. Thanks for the inspiration- baked apples for breakfast tomorrow!

  8. Wonderful pics. I've been reading your blog for an eternity! Is it just me or is little Madddie thinning out?! She looks so tall in your latest pictures of her. Our kids grow too quickly. Your blog always makes me slow down and savor the little moments with my own 2 kids. So, thanks for that!

  9. I JUST posted an apple recipe...if you are interested. Yum. Yum. Baked apples - something we haven't done yet this year, but I've just put it on my list.

    Looks like a great day. We didn't get any pumpkins this year either...and I grew two plants (one for jack-o-lanterns and a sugar pie for eating.) Disappointing indeed.


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