Friday, October 08, 2010


kermit's swamp years

talk about pythons

which led to our book Snakes are Hunters

which led to

and then this one.

and then more Stars

hot cocoa with marshmallows and coloring


to the movies!
toy story 3. again.
didn't bawl this time.

to the pet store to check out snakes.

to the learning supply center
-didn't have what we needed but picked up some fun dice-

to the other learning supply center
-nothing interesting there, either... more of the flashcards and build-a-garden worksheets- ???

to the pizza place to pick up a take-n-bake

to the luxe toystore

to the library!!
for fun new treasures

to home (oof)

and to a new puzzle (Madd)
and a Mandala maker (Mama)
and to research (Trev)

name that tune

Mr. Potato Head

chocolate chip cookies

more liberty's kids


I hope soon.


  1. You have two lucky kids! What a terrific day!!

  2. Loved your video posts, I had seen the Universe one but we loved the others. I just found a video I want to watch (I haven't yet, so I can't vouch for it), but wanted to share in case you or the kiddies were interested, since you were doing snake research. Smithsonian Networks: Wanted:Anaconda. Looked interesting and fairly cheap to buy used, always a hit with me!

  3. I bawled at toy story 3 too.

    Chocolate chip cookies and liberty kids sounds good to me!

  4. What an incredible day full of fun and rabbit trails and learning. I love days like this.

    Love the robots! We will have to try that.


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