Friday, September 17, 2010


We pretty much took the day off, today.
Which just means that I didn't follow my children around half the time, or ask them what they're doing every little while and if they're ready to come and play with me.  : )

Sometimes a Mama just has stuff to do!

The children both are sniffling as well, so it seemed like a good day to take off and to just rest.

I came across this game today whilst window shopping...
it's called ... uh... wait, let me find it  :).... "Shapes Up"! (Want to give credit where due...)
It's a tangram-type, race-to-the-finish game, with these translucent tiles.
I've never played it, and can only guess how it's done, but I do know that it has a die, cards, and tiles (it has an hour-glass too, that runs for 10 seconds, but we don't need that.)
Myself - I have tiles (or something like it), can make cards, and can also make a die.  So I did!

I made up the game.

So excited about it!!  I made ours somewhat different from their game - check out olm (too.) if you're interested.

Aaaaand.... Madd and Trev both like it very much.  !!

And I checked on our bowls - well, bowl, as ddh dumped out what he thought was A Mess in one of them.
The survivor is doing quite alright.

An' had to take care of some bloggy bizness.
(And got to order a yogurt maker!  So excited about that, too.)

So our day has looked like :

and singing
and videos on youtube
and bowls of cereal
-and icecream-
and baths
and sunshine
and warm
and computer play
and orange juice
and rest
and puzzelts
and laughing
and mirrors (multiple reflections)
and more of the geo-dice game
and only minimal antagonizing.  (Which was not done by me.  Thankyouverymuch.)

Really a whole lot of not much.

Quite alright by me.


  1. That game is AWESOME! I like your version even better!

  2. That is exactly what is needed some days, isn't it? Glad it turned out so well in spite of the sniffles.

    We have those here right now too. And we also have sleepy, weary children who have slept, and read, and are quiet. Mostly.


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