Monday, September 13, 2010


woops - I thought it was Tuesday!

Madeleine sings "Plaaas-maaa...." while cutting out pink hearts and chairs.
For a hat.
(We really gotta start listening to something else!!)

Which reminded me - yesterday Trev wanted to know about the "mass of incandescent gas" and "plasma" issue. I researched the story of the two songs, and then presented my findings to him over his french toast.
That led to the question, again, of "Yes, but What Is Plasma!?"
We went here.
And then to atoms, too.

Well... while we're on the subject...
may as well see if there's anything here....

(This isn't a "run with it until their eyes cross and make them sorry they asked" thing, more like a hmmmm, anything interesting and pertinent here?
It's why we have these sorts of things lying about on our shelves, after all.)

Puppet shows.

Physics and engineering.

So we were reading in Fizz, Bubble, and Flash (which is a good introduction to the Elements, I feel), and it mentioned Mercury.  "What is Mercury?"  Aside from the planet.
"Uh..." stammered me for a second, and then, "Oh, yeah!  Wait..."

I had a need to challenge to "Think!" today,
so that was a part of our day, too.
For a  minute.

We played a game from Family Math -

this one is called "Target Addition", and after writing down numbers and naming a target number, everyone takes turns crossing off a number, trying to be the one that finally reaches exactly the "target" number.
An alright game... the first time we played we were at 33 (target was 40) and I pointed out to Trev that if he crossed off 4, I could go with a 3, and if he crossed off 5, I could cross of.. what?
The next time we played he played to 35, and there were no 5's available, so he won.  :)

Tassellations!  Introduced these to the babes today. Got this idea from our book Build It! Festival.

Maddie copied a pattern from the book - and understood well that it could go on infinitely, Trev made up his own pattern.  He had a little difficulty at first, but eventually he got the idea.

Researching Hogle Zoo, which is our Salt Lake City zoo.  (Trevelyn.  "Just because I got interested in it....")

Trev had a theory today that mosquitos don't have eyes like flies - that they're more like ours.  (And that's why flies get away, and mosquitos don't.)
I asked him if he knew that, or if it was a guess.  He said it was a hypothesis.  I told him to look it up, that I'd be interested in the answer.  He did, and couldn't find much info, so then I had a go.  Eventually we were satisfied.

Madd writes today.
(Her choice-- she loves drawing and writing.)

And while Daddy cooked dinner for us we played Apples to Apples Jr. out on the patio. 

We've had a moment or two that were "off" today (spilled things, broken things crashing, rotten attitudes),
but we've addressed them with love and genuine-ness, so we find ourselves quite Right again at the end of the day.
All is well, then.


  1. I remember the first time my son found out that there are really four states of matter and that the other one was plasma. Fun, fine playful days you have.

  2. All good fun and interesting about the plasmas - we live where we often see the Northern Lights...and we love Apples to Apples...

  3. I'm thinking of ordering your maths book, so will be checking in to see how you get on.


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