Tuesday, September 14, 2010

tuesday. again.

The Blood Mobile.   (Honestly.  I'm not making this up.)
There is something scrumptious about a babe singing big words in a garbage-truck voice. 

Tidied up the backyard.  Well-- we tried for a while, anyway.

Weaving with paper,

 glitter glues,

and wet-on-wet watercolour painting.


and visiting with Grammy.

Computer play,

paper bowls (we'll let you know about that tomorrow if they turn out alright...)

and trampoline rallyin'.

From our book Family Math, Trev and I played a two-dimentional version of Nim.

You make a grid (starting out with 3x6 squares), and put down either one or two markers - in our case, we marked with x's and o's.  The object is to be the last one that lays the mark (or two).
Marks or markers (beans, buttons, etc) must be directly neighboring, and not diagnal.
A fun game!  We liked this one very much.

with Madd...

and then Trev.
Two games.  He won both.  : )

Now there was an adventure.
[she says this dryly as she rolls her eyes, as she vented these particular moments in front of the world to her fb friends this evening...]
(uh... and she hopes that those few souls know her well enough to understand that she was jesting, and just having A Momentary Lapse Of Even-Remote Reasoning....)
It wasn't that bad, honestly.
Just crazy chaotic - just when I had settled Into, you know?  Just when my head was quiet and still, and ready for some quiet play with the babes, they went off the deep end - while shooting canons on their way down and tossing firecrackers out of their pockets and swingin' their ragamuffin fists at eachother's noses and screamin' "damn them all!!"
I was just totally unprepared.
I mean, you'd think.... but no.  ' Wasn't ready.

So it turns up that I banished them to ten feet -maybe twelve- away from my person and onto the tramp while we (from feet apart) made plans to expend our energies to, at, and from the park (bike ride and rumpus play) but right about that time one tossed the other overboard (off the tramp, accidentally), and that put an end to our Out plans.  And the chaos, truth be told.

I've got nothin' to that.

So dinner gets cooked,
it gets dark,
Panyo is on,

and we all make up and make Right.

And, as it turns out...
Life is beautiful.
And "...Life is mysterious.
And amazing....."

An' that's just all there is to that.

And it was a wonderful day.


  1. Funny!!! My kids were watching TMBG on youtube all day today. They love blood mobile and Roy G. Biv.

  2. I do love my Family Math book - must dig that out soon!

    Can't wait to see the bowls :0)

  3. Love your paints holder! Did you make it?
    (BTW-I think it is funny that you only comment on the family blog. I think you are the only commenter there. :) Everyone else is at the homeschooling blog.)

  4. Phyllis - no, it's from Discount School Supply. :)

  5. You do the best art projects! Love the weaving! Simply beautiful.

  6. We all have those *moments* don't we? Good to keep them in perspective.

    Must look into some wet-on-wet...sounds perfect for Isaac.

  7. I was rather relieved to see your household has *those* moments.

    I was beginning to think perhaps you were a cyborg, programmed to only experience bliss. :)

    I'm glad chaos is universal at times.

  8. Jess - :D

    See? An' here I was, thinking, "No one is ever going to speak to me again! They're all thinking "Gah!! What is wrong with her!?!"


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