Monday, September 06, 2010


sundays are good for slow, piddly days, aren't they?

good for "hmmm.. this vase needs some fresh roses."
and "I've been meaning to make some new prayer (meditation) beads..."
 I love sundays.

I think Maddie had like five projects today before I started taking notice.
(I had my own lovely projects, and was not paying close attention to hers.  I do that some times.)
one of them was story-telling to her daddy while she was wearing one of her mama's best hats.

late this morning we found ourselves just over-brimming with rambunctious energy, so we decided that a hike up in the mountains was just the thing.  since we didn't have unlimited time, as Eric was due to work in a few hours, we opted for our closest neighborhood canyon.

on the way up we played a "maybe" game.
"what do you think we'll find or see today?"
"maybe we'll find amonite fossils!"
"maybe we'll find an allosaurus tooth!"
"maybe we'll find bear or mountain lion tracks."
"maybe we'll find wild berries."
"maybe we'll find a snake's skin."

we did find a few things.
we found acorns
and wild licorice

and solomon's seal
and wild catnip
and nettles.
we found squirrels.
and centipedes and milipedes
and waterfalls

and lava rocks
and the last flowers of the year.

we climbed -
mountain trails
and logs
and rocks
and trees

and walls.

 this climbing wall is about sixty feet high
 real walls.

we imagined
and shared
and loved.

and after promising ourselves that we would go back on wednesday to spend the whole day,
we made our way back down into our valley (just a few quick minutes to home).

after a little while had passed at home with individual pursuits and rest, we came together again... as we always do.
Trev and I played a few games of mancala.

and Bridges (it's like Hex).

and then we got out our library's copy of The Book of When.  love this book.
today we learned about such things as
When does my face turn red?
When should we disobey rules?
When did we realize that children are people?
When did we start burying the dead?
When will I stop being jealous?
When was school made compulsory?
 When are stars blue?
When did people start paying for things with money?
When do we need to wash our hands?
(We skipped over such interesting things as "When does life start?" and "When was Santa Claus born?" because Trevelyn has already read most of the book by himself...)
But we got to read together "When is there war?"
When are we too fat, too tall, or too short?
When do languages die?"
and finally "When will space stop growing?"
Sounds interesting, no?

there's been dress -up for animal friends

and Zoo Tycoon

balloon play
coloring books
and hidden pictures.

amdray research has also been a part of the day today.
er - that would be American Dragon, Jake Long, of course.

we had imagined that we had a lot more things left in us - baking and biking, jumping and venturing....
but it turns out we didn't.
so we'll just leave those things there for next time.

life is good.
and just right.


  1. Sounds like a great day. Early Autumn is such a great time to be outside.

    Love the hat. And the book. And the inspiration.

    Every time I start to panic I come here. It usually means that I totally trash some "plan" or other that I've worked days on. And that's a good thing!

    Enjoy your week! (like I need to sat *that* lol)

  2. And could you please tell me the author of The Book of When? I'm not finding it in our library system...

    Many thanks!

  3. What a beautiful place to have just a bit away from your home! So, so fortunate are you! I can't wait to see photos from your Wednesday trip!

    I love the cartoon for compulsory education--so funny!

  4. _The Book of When_ sounds really interesting! I'll have to see if my library has it too. :)

    We went camping this weekend, and loved seeing many of the same things you did on your adventure. It must be caterpillar season, because there were at least 10 on just one side of the outhouse. I wish I would have thought to take pics.

    I always love tagging along on your adventures. Thanks for taking me along. :)

  5. Sorry for not linking it, I did before, I guess I s'posed that was good enough, and that I could be lazy!
    It's a really great book!
    It's by Laura Jaffe - I've linked it in the post, now.

  6. I am so getting the Book of When...Thanks for the recommendation!

  7. Hey - I found Eyes of Nye at our library - it's aimed at teens, but my (brand new yesterday!) 9 year old gets a lot out of it along with my 12 year old. It's definitely a "step up" maturity wise - and it's EXCELLENT. My girls are watching "Human Adaptations" as we speak - it is phenomenal. Tests questions about race - is it biological or cultural? He tests his own DNA. fantastic stuff. The one on food modification really gets ya thinkin' too.

    I know what you mean about the videos - I

    No need to print this, obviously! And thanks for the author name :)

  8. The Book of When - LOVE it. Thank you. - Debbie

  9. The Book of When sounds wonderful, thank you for the recommendation. It looks like you all had a beautiful adventure


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