Sunday, September 19, 2010


 Lotsa birthdays going on around here lately.

Maddie wanted to play geo-dice this morning.  So's we did.

There is a big stack of games on the patio table, still, and she wanted to play Boggle.
I wasn't thinking, at first, and told her that it was a reading game, and that we could play something else, and then realized that we could make it work.
So we tossed the dice, and I told her to pick out the letters she could identify, and to write those down, and that I would write down the connected letters that I saw could make words.

Xtractaurs are for Trev this morning.

Maddie brought me her wipe-off letters chart, and told me she wanted to write the letters in "land before time videos on youtube".

We did that, and then she took it to Trev, and then she came back with paper, and said that she wanted to write the letters on the paper, so that she could do a search on youtube for Land Before Time videos.
Funny that she had the patience for all of that - this little girl of mine who flits so quickly from one project to another.

She did it.

ZooTycoon videos on youtube.  Trev is researching ZT One - we're expecting it any day at our library.  (We own several, but we don't have the oldest ones.)

Time to go.

We were due at The Cousins for a birthday this evening.

Let's leave early, shall we??

Our first wildlife of the day, after the water birds,
was, amazingly, a wild coyote.
 Awesome.  The first one we've ever spotted on the island.

Next, to our delight, was a Peregrine Falcon soaring directly over us.

We surely did find lizards in our regular lizard spot.

And we made googoo eyes at the giants.
We love them so!
(Living in the American West does have some advantages.)

I stopped to marvel at what I always consider to be our very own savanah..

And we enthusiastically embraced the wild, wild wind

and then the near-absolute silence.
That's me.  Throwing my mind, heart, and arms wiiiide open.

Another coyote!

And something else, too....

Pronghorn Antelope

And then....
and then.

Yup, beautiful.
It really is.


  1. Oh. My. How amazing! I can't wait to show Benjamin.

    Love, love, love those bison!!!

    This afternoon we're heading to the fabric store to assess what's needed to make a Native American costume for Halloween (and year-round). :)

  2. Oh the Bison! There is something about those creatures that I just adore. I grew up in Nevada and I miss the desert air. I miss the smell of the dry dry desert so much and the wind. People think I am crazy for this, but I miss the wind like crazy..

    Great pics!

  3. Incredible photos of some pretty awesome wildlife.

  4. oh, come ON! this cannot be REAL!!!! i am seething with some combination of disbelief, envy and awe. criminy, 2 coyotes and sooooo many bison in one day is just too much.

  5. I know I've said it before, but I never had the inclination to visit Utah until I started reading your blog. The places you visit are breathtaking.

  6. This is so amazing!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. Wow! I know so very little about that area - me who reads atlases for fun. An island! Very cool. :)

  8. Oh how completely and totally amazing!!! I am just in awe of all those wild animals!!!

  9. I just want to come and visit you...the most exciting wildlife round these parts is the crazy urban fox who goes through our bins.

    *sigh* it is so very beautiful!

  10. Beautiful, I love coyotes and the way they move, so different than those bison who seem so ancient. Enjoy your week!

  11. I love how you thought to adapt Boggle for your daughter. I've been learning a lot about games from you, stashing it all away in my brain for later...

  12. Oh, you've reminded me how much we enjoyed our trip through Utah this summer -- quick as it was!

    Your days are always so inspiring. :)


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