Sunday, September 12, 2010


oh, sunday.
my favorite day.

maddie woke up singing "electric car".  funny girl.

the papa of the house had to work today (he is Chef, remember), which the rest of us always consider an invitation to come for brunch.  who wouldn't??
outside, please.

we have a place that we have never been to... International Peace Gardens.  my mother mentioned yesterday that there was a tree-planting effort coming up soon, so this morning I remembered that, and thought, "why not go visit the gardens while we're downtown?"

"cats & dogs 2" was playing at the dollar movie (cats & dogs is a  big hit at our house) so I asked the children if they'd like to go this afternoon.
of course they did.
but first we had a few minutes to pass before it was time to go to the theater....

we swung by the you-bake pizza place on the way home to pick up dinner.  why not?

when eric made it home we were planning some family time... games or something....

we decided that a bikeride to Fairmont Park was just the thing. 
what a great thing!  such a pleasant ride from our house. 

action at the skate park.  some day!!

and let me also say.... it was pretty cool to be the last ones out - aside from some dudes way over there - I felt priveledged that we were free to be out late-- on a sunday night!!
how fun to be playing hide-and-go seek in the dark, and runnin' and hollerin' and laughin' on a beautiful summer's night when everyone else is tied to "monday morning".
pretty great.
(this wasn't a snotty, heh-heh thing, you understand, just a "yay for us and this life!" thing.  : ) )

now we're home safe and it's been all-the-way-dark for quite a while, and we're tired and filled and happy.

life looks pretty good from here.


  1. I love reading you blog. It is a breath of fresh air. What a lovely day.

  2. That day looks pretty good from here, too. :)

  3. What a nice park - there's an International Peace Garden quite near here too - on the ND/Canada border - yours is lovely!

  4. I REALLY appreciate not having to get babies up and attem early in the morning, and the ability to do a mid-week overnighter with them somewhere special, and the chance to go to touristy spots on a very uncrowded weekday morning...

  5. Okay...that electric car song sticks in my head all the time! I can totally see how she would wake up singing it. I love seeing pictures from that peace garden it looks amazing. I too am so very grateful we have time to be a family and not have to stress/rush to bed for 'school' the next day. Thank you for sharing pieces of your life!


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