Wednesday, September 01, 2010


squishy marbles
maddie was sooooo excited!
i'm so looking at these under the microscope tomorrow.

river play
the thing to notice here is the bottom left side -
see that prehistoric (covered in mud) croc in the river eating the Ananotitan?
the Ananotitan got stuck in the mud... croc took full advantage. 

hummingbird love (we had an in-house visitor today)

packages in the mail from amazon-- woot!

off to an early lunch,
(at our favorite eat and romp and jump across the stream place)

and to our living history park, then...

the last couple/few times we've gone to This Is The Place Heritage Park, I have taken lots and lots of pictures of buildings, scenery, and wild west romanticism.  I think my friend Aubrey asked if my children were there.  :).  since there is not a shortage of shots around this blog of this park, today i pretty much only shot the babes.
so i give you lots of cheesy and hokey shots of my two children!  (at least they're still not posed or synthetic shots....)

this bank buys gold, so....

blacksmith shoppe

madd does just fine in school, evidently.

trian ride.  chuggachugga.

home to new dinosaurs and Family Math and The River,

zoo tycoon,

a movie (ie rest - for about five minutes)

and TMBG singin' again (Madd).  : )
first was "I like the stories.... as much as anybody else, but..."
and now is, "I like diggin' in the dirt..."
lovelovelove these babies.



and a lively game of apples to apples jr.
(so fun.)

life is good.
so good.  :)
'til tomorrow, then.


  1. I really, really, REALLY love those kids!!!

  2. So sweet seeing Maddie sitting at the little desk.

    Yay for amazon packages !!!

  3. That looks like so much fun! We had a hummer in our house once too - we finally managed to catch it by swooping it into a bucket and then holding the bucket upside down over to the door where we let the little guy go...

    ...I can't wait to see the marbles up close...

  4. Awesome! Great pictures. Looks like a full day of fun.

  5. What is a squishy marble?

  6. Phyllis - we ordered Jelly Marbles from Steve Spangler Science.


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