Sunday, September 19, 2010

saturday in september

Our State Capital was having a Discovery Day today, so we headed downtown for a bit of play.

As soon as I got out of the car, I realized that my sdcard was at home in my laptop.  doh!!  These pictures are from when we went a few weeks months ago.... it's such an amazingly beautiful building!, so I'm putting some in again.

We were there earlier than the real action started, I guess, but we got to admire this beautiful building and do a few things....
Maddie and I erected the building out of gumdrops and toothpicks, Trev had a go at the Empire State Building.
They also had a Mosaic table set up, and we learned a tiny bit about that, and created paper mosaic art.
Lastly there was a table for drawing, and Maddie drew a great Pteradactyl.
We were getting hungry, so we grabbed a "bingo" card on the way out, and looked for some of the fantastic architectural details that were on the card.  We remembered where many of them were from our last trip.

We picked up a quick lunch, and since we had been trying to get Maddie to our local historical farm for a few days, we scooted over for some exploring...

.....before we were due at our friend's 7th Birthday party at their house.

Where we stayed 'til closing.

That'll do.
And Happy Seven, Xavi.


  1. I love to visit State Capitol buildings and do so whenever we get a chance - the interiors are always spectacular and yours is no different...

  2. and I will also say, "Happy Birthday"!

    The farm pics make me want to get out to more-than-where-I-am country. So sweet! Love the piggy's nose best. :)

    Looks like an excellent day!

  3. I'm impressed all the pics of the State Capitol buildings have NO other people in them. Whenever I go to places like that - there are swarms of people and so getting great shots like you did is impossible. The photos are stunning. Sounds like a great day. xo

  4. Love your state building and all the lovely photographs of it!!! But the rooster and the little foot is the best picture ever!!! Looks like you managed to rake up a bundle of fun again!!!

  5. Debbie - when we went this Spring it was on a Sunday. When we very first got there there was one family, and they left shortly after our arrival. We had the whole place to ourselves. :)

  6. what a beautiful building. i love the ceiling and staircases. the piglet photo made me smile! and your girl in the tree is so sweet!!! sounds like a perfect day!
    have a great week


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