Tuesday, September 21, 2010

just tuesday

A slow start today.

I don't even know where the early part of our day went -
Maddie started out playing with the roving; she engineered a scale.

Reading for Trev,
and research.
(Honestly.  The boy just has to know everything there is to know about a particular subject!  He's not satisfied until he's exhausted his every resourceEr - Which is why we/he owns well over a dozen hefty prehistory encyclopedias.  :) )
Organizing for me,

and looking up how-to-make-yogurt recipes.
sooo excited!

We watched our newly-arrived dvd Journey To the Stars this afternoon...
 which was really cool!

' Course, me being me, while that was going on I thought of our rheoscopic concentrate (pearl swirl), as soon as we saw the part about just under the surface of the sun it swirls "just like water right before it boils"....
oooh.  I can show that.
and of course magnetic poles can be investigated,
and we really gotta separate water into hydrogen and oxygen, soon....
See?  Sometimes all things are magnificently -and magically- connected!  : )

As we were playing with our two liter bottle of water -and rheoscopic fluid- watching the currents go every which way,

the children asked about the tornado piece and the fountain piece, and if we could check it out (the water currents) with those,
which led me to downstairs and to a drawer,
where I saw the package of pinwheel materials,
whereupon I gasped,
and remembered,
"It's International Peace Day!  September 21!"
(and, doh!  only one two liter bottle!  'at's what happens when you don't buy much pop, as you know.  2 liters are extremely valuable!! :) )

So of course making Pinwheels for Peace took up our next while.

And then we got back to Magnetic Patterns.
(very, very cool...)

What's next, My Darlings?

Aaaah, Mancala with Madd.

An' then Othello!  With Trev.

And dinner (oof, @ late...)

and videos and pc play

and I imagine the rest of the night will look something like...
and Stories
and computer play
and netflix
and reading....

and that will quite do, won't it?

Life is beautiful.


  1. I'm smitten with the beeyootiful pinwheels.... such a full and gorgeous afternoon for you all!!

  2. Gotta get some pearl swirl - looks like so much fun!


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